German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#433 Fitz

“I can no longer see you with my eyes, or touch you with my hands.  But, I will love you in my heart forever”…💙

It is with great sadness that we announce Fitz, GSRNE #433 has crossed the bridge… Life isn’t often fair, and all too often our loved ones are taken too soon and robbed of a long life. When we heard about Fitz we were heartbroken for our good friend, Allison and her husband. They tried so hard, and did all they could for their handsome wonderful boy.  Allison welcomed Fitz into her home in 2015 as a foster and knew immediately she was not going to be able to let him go. She fell in love immediately with the handsome, sweet one-year old.

“Pets are part of our families and bring so much joy and comfort to our lives. Fitz was that and so much more. This goofball came into my life in July 2015 as a foster dog and I immediately fell in love with his personality. He loved swimming and playing ball and I can’t name any food he didn’t like to eat. He was always wagging his tail, such a happy dog, and I don’t think he ever realized he was a 90 pound German Shepherd. Fitzy, Fritz, Big Lug. He was handsome and such a special dog.  —Last fall he was diagnosed with canine Lymphoma….. an aggressive cancer that can’t be cured, only put into remission for 8-12 months with chemotherapy. As dogs tolerate chemo better than humans, we opted to move forward with treatment and it gave Fitz another 10 months of a happy healthy life. Sadly when the lymphoma returned it did so with a vengeance and at the young age of 7 1/2, we made the heartbreaking choice to let Fitz go.  I’m confident that as Fitz crossed the Rainbow Bridge, my father was waiting on the other side and said “Come on big guy, let’s go play ball”.  Love you Fitzy.

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