#678 Tucker

Status: Adopted
Age: 2 yo (DOB 2/22/22)
Size: Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Male
Activity level: medium to high
Good with other dogs: With proper introduction
Good with cats: yes
Foster parents: Liz B
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

Photos by:

Date Adopted: June 10, 2024

Two-year-old Tucker’s owners reached out to us because they both had health issues and had not been able to do much training or take this energetic young boy for walks.  He was not yet neutered, had skin issues due to allergies, and needed more vet care.  Because of his medical issues and not yet being neutered, we did not have a foster home capable of taking him so the owners agreed to keep him until we could find one.  We did complete the initial dog assessment and found Tucker to be a friendly, young dog.

After Tucker was placed on our waitlist, it so happened that one of our prior adopters let us know that their beloved GSRNE dog had passed away.  They were interested in helping another dog wait for a permanent home so we told them about Tucker’s situation, including his skin condition and the additional care he would need.  We knew from their experience with their prior dogs that they were certainly able to handle a challenge, and they were willing to help a dog with whatever was needed.  Their main concern was whether he would get along with their two older, dog-savvy cats, so we kept our fingers crossed.  From the first day, they expressed how sweet and loving Tucker was.  They gave him time to meet the cats gradually, which helped that relationship succeed.  Tucker did need some help with his manners, like not jumping up on people for attention, and with learning that the yard is not his personal digging space (he’s still working on that one).

His new family has been putting a lot of work into his training, and he is making great strides.  Ultimately they decided that Tucker was already in his forever home and asked to adopt him.  Tucker is very happy in his new home and his family just adores him.  Congratulations to Tucker and his new family!