Status: Available
Age: 1 year (12/28/2022)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Female
Activity level: medium to high
Good with other dogs: With proper introduction
Good with cats: No
Foster parents: Jen P
Sponsor Buddies: Carol B.
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Stella
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

Sometimes a dog comes along that is simply unforgettable.  Those of us involved with Stella have probably experienced every single emotion a dog rescuer goes through 4-fold while working her case.  Only Stella herself has been able to heal our hearts and remind us why we do what we do.  Even if Stella is not the dog for you, we ask that you read her story and share it with others.

Late last year we received a call from a Good Samaritan asking us to help place a young German Shepherd female.  She had an older dog and had already committed to adopting a different puppy when she heard about a breeder giving away a young GSD for “free”.  Something didn’t sit right with her so she asked to meet the dog and found young Stella emaciated, covered in feces and fleas, and cowering in a crate.  The breeder told her that Stella was “fine” in the crate 18 hours a day.  She was being given away due to the fact she couldn’t be bred due to a leg deformity (more to come on that).  Our Good Samaritan was not in a position to take on a 3rd dog and had other familial, work, and financial responsibilities, but she COULD NOT leave Stella in that situation so took ownership and brought her home with her that day.  She immediately began getting Stella healthy and, when the time was right, called us to help rehome her.  Wow does the world need more people like her!

Stella stayed with the Good Samaritan for a more few months while we found a foster home.  We learned that she loved the grandkids in the home; she was so sweet with them.  Stella adored the puppy once she arrived.  She would play with the older female dog in the home most of the time well, but there were moments when the two females didn’t always get along so were monitored closely (this is not uncommon for German Shepherd females).  She could be skittish with new people at first, but would warm up with treats.  We also learned that Stella moves very well and has lots of energy despite having, well, 5 legs!  Specifically, her right front leg didn’t form correctly so it splits into 2 pieces.  Around the same time, we had a veterinarian apply to foster (when people say they don’t believe in miracles, they haven’t worked in dog rescue!) and it seemed like the perfect place to continue with Stella’s healthcare.

In her new foster home, Stella has fallen in love with her GSD brother.  They adore playing with each other.  Seeing the 2 dogs together is such a joy for us.  She is very reactive to their cat and has a love hate relationship with the chihuahua mix female which has been managed by the foster home by decreasing interactions.  She continues to do well learning how to socialize with people and has started some basic training.  Despite the unusual appearance of her legs, we haven’t found other health concerns and she has been spayed.  She is now a normal weight.  We had an orthopedic colleague of her foster mom look at the X-rays and we have decided not to take any surgical intervention.  The appendage can’t be removed without taking the whole leg and Stella does at times use the leg.  Stella moves and runs well unassisted, and we don’t feel it’s in her best interest to fix something that “ain’t broke” for cosmetic reasons.  If issues arise with her leg later in life, GSRNE will support her adopters with treatment at that time.

A dog’s resilience never crease to amaze us.    Just a few short months ago Stella was cowering in a crate covered in her own filth and now she is a happy, healthy girl who has learned how to be a dog and how to love and trust.  Because her relationship with her foster GSD brother has been of such benefit for her, we would ideally like to find her a forever home with a large breed male.  Stella will need continued socialization, training,  and will be a wonderful companion to the person or family that sees her true inner and outer beauty.