#599 Noah

Status: Adopted
Age: 6 years (DOB 10/01/15 )
Size: Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Male
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: If properly introduced
Good with cats: Unknown
Foster parents: Diana T
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Noah
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

Date Adopted: January 26, 2022

Noah is a playful boy who loves running after tennis balls in the yard and playing chase games with his foster sister.  He is also food motivated and loves his frozen kongs, lick mats, and puzzle toys.  He has medium energy and loves long walks demonstrating excellent leash manners.

Noah just loves being with his people; Whether he’s being groomed, getting belly rubs, going on walks, enjoying a ride in the car, or just laying quietly at home. And the end of the day, he’s a dog who’s just so happy to belong to a family.
Noah, a six-year-old male, came to our attention when a shelter contacted us to see if we could possibly help this wonderful dog.  We were told he was found wandering the streets, underweight, and in need of medical attention.  Fortunately, Noah was brought to the shelter where he received the care he needed. Although affectionate and loving with everyone he came in contact with, the noisy and crowded shelter environment started to take a toll on the big guy.  The shelter staff reached out to GSRNE, and told us Noah was suffering from kennel stress and separation anxiety. They knew he needed a quieter place to live where he would feel safe.  We were happy to help, and thankful to the foster who opened up her heart and her home to help Noah.
Noah did have some separation anxiety, but with the help of his foster Mom, and his foster canine sister, Noah has become more comfortable when the foster Mom leaves them home alone.  Unlike when he first arrived into foster, his mom will return home finding him relaxed.  In just a few weeks, Noah has made great progress and is ready to find his forever home!
If you think you could be the family for Noah, please contact us.