Status: Available
Age: 1 year (DOB 10/31/22)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Female
Activity level: High
Good with other dogs: with proper introduction
Good with cats: unknown
Foster parents: Karen and Ted M.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Nikita
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

Nikita is a cute bundle of energy and affection!  During foster care, we’ve learned that Nikita loves to run and play; she’s one of the most athletic dogs we’ve ever seen.  We’re looking for an adopter who will enjoy her energy and give her opportunities to run around the fenced yard at top speed, throw her Frisbee for her and alternate with her Chuck-it balls and soccer ball.  In the house, she can entertain herself for a while by chewing on squeaky toys or heavy-duty toys; no stuffed toys for this girl, unless you don’t mind picking up the stuffing and sewing up holes!  She loves to have her back scratched and will come to you for attention; she gives good eye contact and will try to read what you want her to do.  She’s full of fun and mischief and will keep her people laughing and on their toes!

When she moved into her foster home, Nikita was quite nervous and confused but willing to figure out what was expected of her; she startled easily but quickly became trusting.  When she makes the transition to her adopters, some of that will probably be seen again, but she’ll recover more quickly.  She came with her own bolster bed and some toys, familiar objects and smells, and information from her original family, which was very helpful.  She was crate-trained and slept quietly in a crate in the bedroom at night. 

Nakita came into GSRNE because her original family already had a female mini- Australian Shepherd and a senior male GSD when they got Nikita as a puppy; she turned one year old on Halloween this year.  All went well until she reached puberty, at six or seven months, and the older female attacked her.  Nikita did not forgive and forget, and tension and fighting between the two females did not stop.  She was fine with the male GSD in the home, and we saw photos of them snoozing on a sofa together.

Unfortunately, the experience with the older female has caused Nikita to be dog-reactive.  She initially lunged and barked when she saw another dog, but this is improving.  Nakita did go to a class with a trainer and was able to be with his low-key dogs; however, she didn’t play her tail was tucked most of the time.  We continue to work with a trainer to improve her socialization and we are seeing progress as well as with her basic obedience.  We know it will take time and patience to help her learn to be comfortable when she sees another dog.

We are very proud of how far this girl has come in a short time.  With continued training, patience, and love, she will thrive in the right home.  Could that home be yours?

2/20/24 Update:

Nakita has graduated from training and sometimes is hard to believe the progress she’s made!  With the place command, other dogs were able to successfully walk past her without her becoming overwhelmed.  Her house manners and basic obedience are also markedly improved.  We think she’d be a great dog for hiking given her love of the outdoors.  She loves playing and being with her people.