Status: Adoption Pending
Age: 1 year (02/06/2023)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black & Tan
Sex: Male
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: some if properly introduced
Good with cats: unknown
Foster parents:
Sponsor Buddies: Michelle S.
Yard Fencing: Required

Photos by:

Recently our rescue has been contacted about so many stray GSDs, more than in recent memory, who’s owners have either not been found or not come forward despite exhaustive attempts and social media campaigns to find them (a gentle reminder to always make sure you microchip and have tags on your dog!).  We’ve had several desperate pleas from shelters left with the “Sophie’s Choice” of what to do.  Fred was one of these dogs facing euthanasia when the shelter staff called us desperate to save him because they knew he was a young boy who deserved his chance at a happily ever after.  One of our most experienced trainers evaluated Fred and told us that he was definitely a dog we could help.  His time was ticking so our volunteers went into overdrive and, with the shelter’s help, we were able pull him before it was too late.

We have found Fred to be a super friendly, lovable, goofball.  He is very inquisitive.  He has the energy to want to see and explore it all.  He needs an active home who will continue to train him as he’s a typical young male who’s always on the go.  The volunteer working with him says that Fred has undoubtedly become one of his favorites.  These are the best kind of dog; they know you truly are their lifesavers.  The more love and energy you put into them, the more amazing companionship and loyalty you get out of them.  Could Fred be your new dog?  Apply today.