#611 Bunny Bear

Status: Adopted
Age: 11 years (3/24/11)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Female
Activity level: Low to medium
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Yes
Foster parents: Laurie R.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

Adopted: July 31, 2022

In early spring we were contacted by a shelter about a senior GSD that was part of a neglect case.  When she was signed over to the shelter, she was overweight, had overgrown nails, terrible teeth, and severe KCS (dry eye) in both eyes that made her nearly blind.  Despite all this, the shelter told us she was probably one of the sweetest GSD they had ever met.  She loved other dogs, cats, and even birds.  Normally they wouldn’t have any issue placing her, but her eyes were proving to be a challenge.  The shelter hours and no foster homes that could take large dogs made difficult for staff to give her eye meds round the clock leading to horrible discharge and gunk to build up.   She was obviously uncomfortable but did well for her eye cleaning and medicating.  A near fatal reaction to anesthesia made surgical options such as  enucleation (therapeutic eye removal) near impossible.  Wanting sweet Bunny to enjoy her golden years, they contacted GSRNE in the hopes that we would have the resources to get her the eye meds more frequently.  

This poor dog had been through so much.  When we heard her story we knew we had to help her.  We had a seasoned foster home that had fostered a blind GSRNE dog years ago as well as other senior dogs.  She also had a few cats that we thought would be comforting for Bunny to have around for company.  We were thrilled when she said yes!   Bunny has adapted well to her new environment and loves her foster Mom and feline siblings.  Frequent application of the eye drops has made her so much more comfortable and happy.  We are thrilled to announce that Bunny Bear will live the rest of her life under the safe keeping of GSRNE in the care of her foster, now forever mom.