#655 Axel

Status: Adopted
Age: 2 years ( DOB 5/2/21)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Male
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: unknown
Foster parents: Wendy L
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

Photos by:

Date Adopted: October 13, 2023

Earlier this year we were contacted by an ACO looking for help finding a home for Axel.  Young Axel had already had many, many homes in his young life, at least 5 that we know of.  He ultimately ended up in the care of the ACO after Axel went after a chicken on the newest owner’s property.  The ACO told us that he did not feel that Axel was a dangerous dog in any way, he just needed consistency and guidance and was hoping we could help him find a home experience with German Shepherds who could do this.  One of our experienced trainers and evaluators met Axel and agreed that he had a lot of potential.

We did not have a foster home for Axel for quite sometime and ultimately heard from the ACO that Axel’s time had run out if we couldn’t take him within a few days.  Devastated that we did not yet have a place for this young dog, we put out a plea to our members, one of whom was able to take Axel temporarily while we searched for a more permanent solution.
Once a permanent foster home was available, we really saw Axel thrive.  A routine, training, and direction along with pack walks with the local dogs and farm animals settled any remaining nerves.  He became calm and affectionate to those around him.  We had repeat adopters whose GSRNE dog had passed away and they were missing having a German Shepherd in the house.  Axel’s story touched their hearts and it was love at first sight for all involved.  We are so grateful for such an awesome group of members who came together to save this boy’s life.  We are happy to say that Axel has finally found his forever home.