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#566 – Ace

Ace was adopted at almost six years old by Chris in 2021. After losing a beloved GSD, Finn, at about the same age to bloat complications, Chris decided he wanted to do something for other German shepherd dogs in honor of Finn, and he found GSRNE online. While he wasn’t quite ready to adopt, he began fostering Ace. As often happens, Chris and Ace really clicked, and the foster situation turned into an adoption situation.
Ace had had four homes in his first five years of life, which really perplexed Chris because he is such a wonderful boy. He describes Ace as lovely, a good companion, just a good boy, and very bright. It seems clear he very much wanted (needed!) a permanent home. While somewhat aloof at first and unsure about trust, he quickly acclimated and became quite loving and trusting. Chris tells us they established a morning ritual where once he wakes up and comes downstairs, Ace will come to him. Chris will ask him if he slept well, and Ace will nuzzle him. Chris will then ask if he had good doggy dreams, and Ace will nuzzle in further. That’s the way they both start off their day together.
Ace is a very special dog with a lovely disposition, and Chris and Mary are so happy and grateful they found him. ♥️🐾