German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#469 Zeke

“I fall asleep with you in my heart in hope I see you in my dreams”…💙
“Sadly we lost our beloved boy Zeke on Friday, July 21, 2023.  Zeke came into our lives in September 2016 at 8 months old.  He was the most handsome young male we had ever seen.  The first month he was a normal, crazy, energetic, playful and social German Shepherd.  He was introduced to his older sister, Georgie, it took awhile but the two became inseparable.
Zeke was in what we say “The honeymoon phase”.  He went went to daycare with us everyday and played with the other dogs and loved the staff.  Then suddenly (at home) he became what I later affectionately called him a Velociraptor.  He started exhibiting some rather concerning behavioral issues that needed to be addressed in order for him to overcome his past.
We were very fortunate that GSRNE enabled us to find the best possible chance to gain his trust of the world again and he started attending a behavioral school 4 days a week and Fran and I had go to class 2 nights a week with him as well. After about 9 months Zeke became a well mannered and responsive dog that could coexist in the world.
We were soon also to find out that Zeke would be plagued with severe GI issues all his life but that never stopped him from eating anything and everything that he could put in his mouth.  He was also known as the vacuum.
Zeke was a challenging dog all his short 71/2 years, but was loved and loved us back unconditionally.  He was Fran’s velcro and heart-dog.  He was my Mr. Nibbles at night.  We had our own little routine.  This past January he started having some idiopathic pains that were medically managed and we planned a vacation on the cape July 15th -July 21, 2023.  Prior to us all going away he had a full Neurologic work up that did not evidence anything.  We had a beautiful, peaceful and relaxing vacation near the water, just the three of us.  Zeke did not like the angry waves.
Our hearts break knowing we will never hear your bark again, or feel your warm embrace when you leaned into us for love.  You have left lasting impressions on our hearts.  We will love you forever and ever.  We can’t believe you’re gone.  You were such a presence in our lives.  We both still hear you and see you out of the corner of our eyes.
Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge – Zeke you are so loved very, very much.  Our hearts ache but you are no longer in pain and you are running healthy and playing ball with Rocket and Georgie.”
Deb and Fran…💙