#453 Lexus

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Password: Lexus
Adopted: August 6, 2016

Update: 08/25/2016

Lexi (aka Lexus) is doing great! People tell us that she acts like she’s lived here for years. She has so much energy for an 8-year-old dog. She charges up and down all the staircases. And follows us around everywhere with a toy or ball in her mouth.

She loves playing with friends of her own kind. The lab and the golden come up to our door to look for her. Lexi comes to us and barks for us to let her out to play with them. The golden plays ball with her, and the lab gets her to chase him. Everyone gets treats after playtime. And when she goes on walks with her people she meets & greets more dogs and people. She is always so happy and so active. In fact, we just played chase around the kitchen. I am exhausted and hot. She’s smiling and thumping her tail …
Her health is great. The lump on her front paw is completely gone. She’s not scratching and she’s not biting that spot on her tail. Everything has cleared up on her chin. I clean her ears once a week even though they stay clean between cleanings. And she’s not dragging her front paw – her nails

We’ve slowly switched her food to Wellness. The kibble is a little larger than Taste of the Wild kibble so she actually chews it — woohoo!! Feeding her actually actually takes a while because we give her a small handful at a time. This way she’ll chew most of most of the mouthfuls, then look up for more, then get another handful, until it’s all gone. After eating her food and meds, it’s time for a nap.


Lexus original write up:


Lexus has a collection of tennis balls, and they are kept in a basket in the living room until she picks them out, one at a time, and lies down with them all around her.  She has other tennis balls that are supposed to stay outside, but Lexus will try to take one into the house with her when play time is over.  She knows the command, “drop it,” though, and will do so just before going through the door.  Once inside, she runs to pick up one of her inside tennis balls and is quite proud of herself.

After 7 years with her family, Lexus lost her home due to a divorce and foreclosure.  She had to stay in the almost-empty house by herself while her owner was contacting acquaintances and shelters to find somewhere for this girl to go.  It was fortunate that GSRNE had a foster home available so Lexus would no longer be alone.  She was very happy to be going for daily walks and having play sessions in the fenced yard; mostly she was happy to be with her foster Mom, who is able to be home most of the time.

Lexus is fine when meeting another dog, but she doesn’t want to interact much.  She has gotten along well with two friendly Labs who visited her foster home.  When one of the dogs picked up a toy, Lexus would watch for the toy to be dropped and then pick it up; but there was no aggression.

A quiet home, with someone there for company, would be ideal for Lexus.  She doesn’t mind staying in a gated area when necessary, but she’d rather not be alone for a full work day.  She likes to stroll, rather than power walk, and 15-30 minutes would be enough to satisfy her.  She loves going for rides in the car and is looking for someone who will enjoy her company as much as she will enjoy theirs.

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