German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#440 Sophie

GSRNE #440
7/05/2007 – 2/23/2016   

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Sophie tragically died a few nights ago, probably from hemangiosarcoma. Although the emergency hospital has not given us a definite cause of death, they did see a “spot” on her spleen during the MRI. She was bleeding internally and was given a transfusion, but her heart gave out. GSRNE sends our sympathies and prayers to her adoptive family on their heartbreaking loss and understand the sorrow they must feel.

Adopted: February 5, 2016


Sophie had worked as a therapy dog and had to be retired early because of elbow dysplasia and arthritis. She was not happy, having to stay at home while her owner went to work, so she barked, which caused neighbors to complain. Her owner contacted GSRNE to ask if we could help this 8-year-old girl.

We didn’t have a foster home available, so we appealed to one of our experienced adopters who had just lost their GSRNE dog; and they stepped up and agreed to foster Sophie. Because she was a therapy dog, Sophie had learned all the basic commands and some extras. For instance, her person could point to where they wanted her to stand, say “here,” and she’d move to that spot. If she was walking with someone through a crowd, she might nose people’s legs to move them out of the way. In a public place, she would sometimes stand out in front of her person to create a barrier between them and other people passing by. In her foster home, Sophie enjoyed a mile long walk in the woods in the mornings and afternoons and paid particular attention to any squirrels in the area. She was good in the car and was usually comfortable meeting other dogs or going into stores where dogs were allowed. Her foster parents became quite attached to Sophie, and she helped ease the ache that was left when they lost their own dog. They asked to adopt this special girl, and we were very happy for them and for Sophie, as they already knew and loved each other so well. Sophie was GSRNE #440. RIP, dear Sophie.