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#434 Titan




Adopted: Sept 21, 2015
AGE: 1 yr. 5 month
Password: Titan


UPDATE 02/21/2016

Titan and Greta are best friends and love to snuggle together!!





UPDATE 8/30/2015:  

Titan has been checked from stem to stern.  Tests showed that he may need enzymes and a special diet in the future.  He’s holding his own in all other areas.  We are grateful to our supporters for donating the means to take care of him. Also thank you to his foster family for giving him the opportunity to grow and shine!   He beams with personality and loves to meet new people and dogs.  Everything new is an adventure.

UPDATE 6/4/2015: 

Our sweet boy Titan just celebrated his first birthday. He is having a great time in his foster home but has had some recurring urinary tract infections. He is having some tests done that will cover a three month period. We need to keep Titan with us until the testing cycle is complete. We know you are all sending good thoughts his way.

Titan’s original write-up:

Titan is a handsome young boy who came into our program from a shelter. His original owner adored Titan but was not able to provide the care he needed and knew the shelter would contact us for help. Titan is currently living in a foster home with an adult male GSD, a female Jack Russell Terrier, and a 12 year old child.

Titan is a gentle, kind, loving pup and has a shy, sweet innocence about him. He is extremely calm. He enjoys playing ball (soccer balls are his favorite). His sweet face and the way he looks at you, steals your heart away. He likes to be cuddled and loves snuggling but is not big on kissing. He is not pushy with other dogs at all and waits patiently for his turn, treat or love. When the water bowl is empty, he carries it around so someone will fill it. He sleeps upside down in his crate. Even though he is a big boy, he will wear hats and clothes because it makes his foster mom happy. When Titan first meets you, he can be a little aloof but once he warms up, he is your friend for life.

Titan loves going for car rides, going to the dog park, meeting new dogs and his favorite is shopping at the local pet store. Although he loves his outdoor trips, Titan is just as happy staying home with you watching TV. His squeaky toys are his favorite and he seems to enjoy all kinds of music, especially when he is in his crate.

Titan has a few physical challenges, but his disposition and sweet personality seem to make the obstacles less important. Titan’s jaw was damaged, likely by his canine mother shortly after his birth. It’s not really noticeable except that he chews his food a little differently. He also has a joint problem so he wouldn’t enjoy doing jumping or agility sports, but he definitely loves playing in the yard with you. We thought that Titan may need eye surgery to correct a cataract but his veterinary opthamologist recommends that we don’t do surgery now but to continue to have his eye checked periodically.
Although Titan does well with most other dogs, he has had no experience with cats. He would love to have a GSD sibling or two, especially if they are not too bossy. He will do well with most families, but he will thrive in a home that wants to include him in daily activities like going to the bank, going to the store, and running errands. Because of his physical challenges, Titan will never enjoy hiking or highly physical activities like agility. He is a sweet, happy, well-behaved dog with medium energy that is definitely food motivated. He will be shy at first but once he knows he is home, he will love to be a part of your family. He wants to please his handler and is a happiest when you are happy with him.

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