German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#411 Cody

GSRNE #411
2006? – 2/22/2015 

Eleven days ago we happily announced that ‘Cody’ had been adopted. Today with great sadness we’ve been told he has CROSSED THE BRIDGE…

Cody had recently been diagnosed with Lymphoma but was doing well. His Mom told us this morning that Cody had been panting heavily through the night, didn’t want to eat yesterday morning and just lay down in the snow when she took him out to relieve himself. She brought him to the hospital and the doctor told her Cody was suffering from fluid pressing on his lungs and it was starting to build up in his abdomen. The doctor informed her that she could drain the fluid, but it would build up again. Then she asked the question we all dread hearing; “How much do you want to put him through?” Of course none of us ever want our beloved pets to suffer and she made the difficult decision to free him from his pain…

Last summer Cody was picked up as a stray by an ACO and when she took him to be examined by a vet; he had severe infections in both ears, bare spots on his back, neck and tail and was walking with difficulty. The ACO said she doubted anyone would be looking for him and would probably have to euthanize him when the 10 days were up. Fortunately for Cody, the vet knew that one of her clients is an active member of GSRNE and asked her to find out if we could help him. One of our members offered to be his temporary foster home, if we didn’t have one available, and we were able to bring him into our rescue in June. This member fostered Cody for 7 months and adopted him 11 days ago to make him her own. No adopter could have loved Cody more than she did. Always happiest just laying by her side with one of his toys.

Take care, little buddy. We’ll see you on the other side.