German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#382 Simba

GSRNE #382
2003 – 12/27/2018   

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It is with tremendous sadness that we share that Simba peacefully crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This sweet boy had so many issues when we brought him into GSRNE, it is amazing to read that he lived to be 15 years old! What a gift it was for all of us to see such a wonderful dog live so long.

He was energetic up until the day before he died, when he became very weak and refused to eat. Given he was 15 and had many health issues, we felt it was in his best interest to pass peacefully. We had a licensed vet (who has also been his acupuncturist) send him over the Bridge.

Rest in peace sweet, sweet boy; your GSRNE family loves you.



Update on 12/13/2013:

Simba is doing great! His foster parents have switched him over to an allergy free kibble and canned food and he is itching much less. They have also been brushing him and applying conditioner (obtained from the vet) on his skin every day and the fur on his back is beginning to fill in. He has peach fuzz hair up and down his back now! The rest of his coat is much fuller and silkier as well and he has so much more of it that he’s beginning to shed!

His parents also started him on Adequan treatments right away as well as a daily walk schedule. He walks around the yard, which is fairly large, around 5-6 times a day. He has just begun to walk a steep incline once a day to get the mail. He actually pulls his parent up the hill now. He is limping much less and in much less need of tramadol for pain. He has also started glucosamine treatment. His mom tried adding fish oil to his diet but it gave him very loose stools. So they will put that on a back burner for now.

The vet checked his T4 right after we adopted him and increased his medication slightly. He checked his blood work again a week ago and was very happy with his levels.

And as for Simba’s temperament and personality? He is becoming more and more playful and goofy around the house, and he has begun to play with ALL of his toys and to engage me in trying to take them from him. He loves, loves, loves to roll on his back-on his dog bed, on the rugs, on the couch…you have to be careful of the flying legs when he gets going!  He is one happy boy. And he loves to visit my folks (why not, they spoil him rotten-I have to watch my mother with treats every minute), he loves our neighbors (everyone pets him and fusses over him), and he loves when David comes to stay every weekend. It’s a pretty good life 🙂


Adopted on 11/11/2013



Simba is dog worthy of a second chance and in need of a caring and loving home! He is a love and has more energy than some of our 5 year olds! Simba came into our program with Ebony who has since been adopted. Their previous owner did not have the finances to care for them and eventually gave them up. Simba had a severe ear infection with extracting pus in both ears and a skin condition where he lost his fur on his back, neck, chest and inside of his legs. Despite his condition, he is a very sweet and loving dog with a great temperament.

Simba is currently in a one-person foster home with no other animals. He is doing great now that he is getting the proper care and treatment with medications and good nutrition. We are happy to report that his infections are clearing up and the areas of lost fur are filling in! He will be going back to the vet for some additional testing and a recheck to see how his condition is coming along and what he may need going forward.

He is a very happy dog with a sweet, sensitive, loving and playful personality. His energy level is medium to high, which is above what a dog would have at his age. His foster mom tries to keep him busy by playing fetch (one of his favorite things to do), giving him toys that he carries (a donated, stuffed, Hedgehog toy) around the house, and taking him on her ever-running errands in the car. His car behavior is great and he loves to go for the ride! He will either lie down in the back, or mostly ride on the seat and look out the window. He is a dog that wants to be with his family no matter what they are doing. One thing you need to watch for while Simba is in the home is that he steals Kleenex from the bathroom pail, but once told “uh, uh” he automatically brings it to you and releases it into your hand.

He is working on new commands like “wait” at the door before going out, or “wait” before getting out of the car, and learning to walk nicely on a leash. He knows sit, go lay down, come, off, quiet and leave it. Some of the commands need reinforcing as he doesn’t always want to listen, but knows the command. He also enjoys the attention working on learning them. He would greatly benefit by going to dog training classes with an adoptive home.

He is a very friendly dog to people, and with some dogs he can get overly excited. He will go on the alert when a dog walks by him and bark, but when called to come (when in the fenced yard), or told to stop he immediately responds. All in all, Simba is a very well-behaved dog.