German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#371 Haley

GSRNE #371
2008 – 6/10/2016   

Adopted: 2/24/2014

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Password: Haley


We are heartbroken to report that Haley died of liver cancer on June 10, 2016. She will be sorely missed. We’ll see you at the Bridge, dear girl.


Update: January 18, 2015
Hope this note find you well. Thanks for your interest in Haley. I enjoyed chatting with you about her progress. She is a great dog and a wonderful pet.
I promised you a few photos. One is with our grandson, and the other is a picture of her with my wife at our 66 acre farm in Maine, where Haley loves to romp and chase her fetch it ball. I will have to get you a pic or two of her with her favorite toy.
Haley is very loved and well cared for. Every meal includes some fresh meat (usually chicken- yes she is spoiled too) , and she chases her favorite stick in Riverside Park in Haverhill, MA every day ( yes, every day, unless I am traveling for work) for 30-40 minutes. She prefers the cold weather, so this is her favorite park season ( fewer dogs, wide open spaces, and lots of room to chase her stick.)
Please feel free to drop me a line anytime if you want to check on her. As I type this note, she is laying beside me 🙂
All the best,
Eric S

Original write-up:
Haley is an active young female (turned 5 years old in January) who lived with her owner from the time she was just 8 weeks old. They went through some difficult times together, and then her owner lost her home and had to move in with relatives; sadly, Haley was not welcome there. Her owner contacted GSRNE and was relieved to learn that we would be able to place her in a foster home and help her make the adjustment.

Haley is reserved when meeting someone for the first time, but she quickly warms up and becomes friendly and playful with visitors. She would actually become too playful with visitors in the home and would try to jump up for closer interaction. Her foster parents have been working to teach her to keep all four feet on the floor, and Haley gets it. With people she’s gotten to know well, she’s very playful and animated.

With other dogs, though, she can be quite reactive and will need further work and training on this behavior. She loves going for walks or for rides in the car.

Outside in the fenced yard, Haley loves playing with the stream of water as it comes out of the hose.
She tries to catch it and will “talk” to you about it when her mouth closes and the water escapes. She tries to help with the raking, too, and will pull at the rake and dance around in excitement. Whether indoors or out, whatever you’re doing, Haley will want to join in!