German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#352 Buster

GSRNE #352
12/19/2007 – 9/20/2015  

With heavy hearts we are sad to tell you that Buster #352 has passed away. He was diagnosed in late August with cancer (Hemangiosarcoma). The diagnosis hit us very hard– he had not shown any signs of being sick until the very day we brought him in because of breathing issues. It was discovered he had a large mass attached to his heart. They drained the fluids out of his chest cavity and we were able to bring him home for a short time. They told us we only had around a few weeks to spend with him. 5 weeks later he passed away.

During this time, we spent all our time with him– doing things Buster-style. His last few weeks were no different than the 3 short years he spent with us: they were filled with love and affection, in both directions. He was by far the best boy ever– handsome, intelligent, strong-willed, and devoted. He had a wonderful relationship with his house mate Elsa (now 12), helping her through her recent hearing and vision loss. He and Bob were inseparable, but he was a momma’s boy too.

Buster had a routine that would start at 5am and would go until late in the evening. Like a child who just couldn’t go to sleep (afraid what they would miss), he would finally give in to his exhaustion, often times falling asleep with his toy under his neck.

Bob and I were there for him in the end as he was there for us every day he stayed with us. We will miss him.

Buster #352, affectionately known as “Right Turn Buster;” born Dec 19th 2007, died Sept 20th 2015.

Bob & Lisa F.



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