German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#343 Troy

GSRNE #343
2004 – 9/12/2015   


Adopted: 5/3/2012

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It is with much sadness and tears we tell you about the loss of our Troy. He was put down on Saturday 9/12 after x-rays revealed an enlarged or swollen esophagus and pneumonia.  The esophagus problem was found on September 3rd. We were given medications and were due back to the hospital on September 10th at 5.00 p. During the week Troy seemed to improve. Thursday morning he was unable to stand so we rushed him to the hospital and he was there on meds. We visited him twice each day, but Friday night he took a turn for the worse. Dr. Scudder called with the bad news, he was not eating or drinking water. Troy was great for us and a great companion for Leo.


Troy was a much loved and happy 7-year-old male when he came to GSRNE in 2012, after his owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  His owner Gaele, had rescued him from a neglect situation when he was 2 years old, and she was very concerned that he would continue to be loved and cared for when she could no longer do that.  She had been active in animal rescue for most of her life and had made a positive difference in the lives of many animals.  When she contacted GSRNE this time, we had an approved adopter who had been waiting for a male that matched Troy’s activity level and personality; a retired couple who had the love and time to share with him. It was a perfect match which brought much comfort to Gaele and her family at a very difficult time.