#299 Danika

Danika – GSRNE #299 

August 10, 2006 – May 12, 2016


Danika first came to our house as a foster dog. We learned that she had a difficult life, and was already returned several times. We had a rescue cat, named Patrick, and we knew that Danika had lived with a cat previously. For a while, Patrick would tease Danika by walking back and forth right next to her nose.  He also liked to jump onto the dining room table and try to smack her on the head with his paw as she looked up at him.  When he crossed the line, she would jump at him, he would jump to the floor, and the chase was on.  Sometimes, it sounded like a horse was running through our house.  I must hasten to add, though, that these incidents did not appear to affect their friendship; and they seemed to respect each other.  After spending a coupe of months with Danika, we decided that we wanted to give this dog her forever home – she earned the right to have her own family again.
She was not an easy dog. Being in foster care for more than half of her life, it reinforced the attitude of independence and distancing from her family. It looked as if she decided to not form attachments any more. Still, as time went by, Danika became a little warmer. She loved chasing and grabbing the ball, and when racing to it, she pounded the ground as if her paws were hoofs. Her expression at those times was pure puppy.  She also played like a puppy in the snow and couldn’t contain herself; she’d yip, bark, jump and roll in the snow and jump to catch snowballs and even snowflakes. She also loved playing tug of war, and when inside would curl up near our feet and relax.Danika_2594-1

Danika had interesting tastes and manners. She wouldn’t eat her kibble unless it was “garnished” with some treats – usually Beef Liver pieces. She never ever surfed kitchen counters or trash can – she was above that. In the evening before retiring for sleep she’d come and press her head to me, asking to scratch her ears. And she would lick my hands, saying “Thank you!” in her language so clearly… She rarely felt comfortable indoors and preferred staying outside, playing or not. But once in a while she would really show her friendship and gratitude – and our hearts would melt… She wasn’t as independent and separate as she tried to look.

Danika also managed to impress our local police. Once my wife’s mother needed help and the town police came to rescue. Danika (probably recognizing the uniforms and “business” smells – leather, gun oil, equipment belts) let them in, went to my wife’s mother, and sat near her. The officers were greatly impressed by such intelligent behavior, and praised Danika to us when we spoke with them later that evening.
When we had a baby, there was some concern – how Danika would blend in. No problem, as it turned out! She was correctness itself. Sniffed and licked the baby a few times, but kept the respectful distance – and never any inappropriate move. She did not add any difficulty to the hard time of caring for an infant. We were waiting for Leah to grow, hoping that they would be able to play and make each other happy. Alas, that was not to happen. Cancer was quicker and stronger. Danika crossed the Bridge, and is playing there, waiting for us…
Danika is resting with our beloved Tasha at the Proctor Cemetery in Nashua. RIP, dear friend!



Adoption: January 23, 2013


Danika is a beautiful four year-old female GSD that had been with her original owners from the time she was a young puppy. However, a change in the family’s situation made it so they were no longer able to keep their beloved GSD.  Saddened at the prospect of giving up Danika and wanting to find a good match for her, the family called GSRNE to see if we could help find her a new loving home.07_danika

Danika has many individual characteristics that make her unique. One of her most notable characteristics is what her family refers to as her “tracker nose.”  She loves to play a game of “find it” and will retrieve treats from shoes, atop bookshelves, behind lamps, and many other hiding spots. Wherever you hide it, Danika is determined to find it.

Really, though, Danika loves to engage in any type of play. She is enthusiastic about Frisbees and Kongs and will gladly sit and wait on command until you throw the ball to her. She loves opportunities to run and play and has a puppyish quality to her when she is running around the yard with her recently retrieved toy.

Danika-299Danika is also a true water dog.  She absolutely loves to swim and is happy to take a dip in fresh water or ride the waves at the beach.  And if a daytrip to a local water spot isn’t in the plans, Danika is just as happy to stay home and chase the hose or leap into the path of the garden sprinkler.

Danika has previously been crate trained. While likes to have her crate available as a place of refuge and comfort, she most often has spent nights curled up on her blanket at the foot of her owner’s bed.  The use of a crate in her adoptive home will help her transition into her new space by providing her a familiar space and a place of her own.

Danika is not an overly affectionate dog that lavishes her person with kisses and nose nudges. She is, however, a very loyal dog that is appreciative of attention.  She wants to be with her person at all times, but is not overly demanding of her owners.  Despite her tendency to develop such strong human bonds, Danika has shown no problems with separation anxiety. She does well when left alone in the home or in a vehicle and patiently awaits the return of her human counterparts.SONY DSC

Danika does have some food allergies, but has done very well on foods that do not have wheat or grain.  Her food allergies have been easily managed in the past and potential adopters will need to maintain a consistent diet for her.  She has lived previously with a dog-savvy feline without problems but may be best in a home without cats.  Danika would be happy being the only dog in a household, but would likely do well as a companion for a sociable male.


The ideal home for Danika would be one where she can quickly become part of the everyday household activity. She loves the attention of her people and enjoys regular interaction and activity.  She need not be the center of attention at all times; she is just as happy to join you while you work at your desk or do some gardening in the yard. As long as she can be with you, Danika is a happy dog.

Danika filled the heart of her owners for over four years and was a wonderful pet and companion to them. If you think you have space in your home and your heart for this wonderful girl, please give us a call.

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