#296 Shayne

GSRNE #296
2006 – 12/26/2016 

Update on 1/2/2016:

I am sorry to say that our holiday was saddened by the death of Shayne on December 26th. Less than a week before Christmas, she stopped eating, and lab studies indicated she was bleeding internally.
X-rays revealed her spleen to be the source of bleeding, and that her liver and kidneys were not good. The vet said Shayne would have about a week to live. I brought her home and she had a good three days with the family. Saturday morning she was not doing well, and after the family departed, the vet came to the house and ended her suffering. Shayne appeared to be so healty, and I think happy, and I felt certain we would have a few years together. She was special.


Update on 7/22/2015:

This is what Shayne’s parent had to say about her: “I was a bit surprised when I picked her up (she looked great after a bath and nails clipped) and she placed both front paws on my shoulders and licked my face.  She now has the entire kitchen area available when I have to leave her home and the jolly ball continues to see a lot of action.

Shayne’s original write-up: After spending most of her first year and a half living in a crate, Shayne found her way into our rescue and was adopted by a GSRNE member, Craig, and his male German Shepherd, Danilo.  Instead of being crated and alone, Shayne got used to going to work with Craig and Danilo, lounging in the office and going for walks outside.  Life was good, and the only evidence of all those months in a too-small crate was that her ears are tipped back at the top.

Sadly, Craig died in February; and Shayne and Danilo needed GSRNE’s help to find them new forever homes.  They are each doing well in their foster homes, and Shayne has started showing us just how affectionate and playful she can be.

She loves to go for walks and gets excited as soon as she sees her leash; but for all her excitement, she walks along nicely and doesn’t pull.  Shayne loves meeting people and has been taught to wait on her bed when visitors arrive at the house.  Once everyone is inside, Shayne will get up and greet them politely after being told it’s OK.

Shayne’s favorite toy is her Jolly Ball, and she loves to chase after it, trap it with her front paws and then carry it around by the handle.  If the weather is bad outside, she enjoys fetching a tennis ball or toy that is thrown down the hallway for her.  She’ll stop and tilt her head when you talk to her or do something that shows she’s curious about what will happen next.  When you’re in the mood to sit and relax, Shayne is content to keep you company, stretch out and take a snooze.  She really wants to be with her special person, and we want to find her a home where she’ll be included in daily activities as well as leisure time.





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