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#235 Max

GSRNE #235
Adopted on June 8, 2008

When we applied to adopt from GSRNE rescue three years ago, little did we realize it would change our lives. After passing the “tests” for adoption (my sister said it was easier to adopt a child), we waited for our perfect match to come along. I was constantly on the web site looking for new adoptees and hoping one of them would be ours. Finally the call we waited for: Laurie Keating called with an offer, but he just didn’t sound like the right dog for us, so we turned the first one down. Then she called about Max and sent us e-mail pictures; we fell in love. He looked and sounded like just what we had dreamed of.

We set up an appointment to meet him and his foster parents, Jon and Kelly. It was LOVE at first sight for us and we thought Max was perfect! Now if he just liked us, we were in. He was a little reserved and standoffish at first but that was perfectly acceptable to us. Then we went outside to play ball. I have never enjoyed playing with a dog as much as we did that day! Max was quite the ballplayer. I swear he would have played until he dropped if we had allowed it. We went home that night full of hopes and dreams that we would be allowed to have this wonderful guy.

Laurie called us the next day and said, “Yes,” which was a magic word to us. We were thrilled! Max was having his neutering surgery done the following Monday so he would stay with his foster family until he recovered. We were worried and called Jon frequently for updates, but Max was soon ready to come home.

He came with some food and toys, one of which was his ball. He settled in just fine and acted like he had always been with us. It was an ideal time because Rob was out of work and spent all day with him, and then both of us were with him all evening. He never spent time alone for quite some time and quickly adjusted to life with us, my sister and her young grandson, Connor. Max was a self-appointed guardian for the baby whenever he visited. Max loved to give Connor kisses which helped Connor learn that though dogs can be big, they can also be nice.

Life was good and the backyard became a huge ball field for Maxie and us to play. His poor ball soon fell apart and he would bring us pieces to throw for him. Other balls were ok for one throw, but then he would find a hunk of rubber from the old ball for us to toss.

We decided to move to Florida and our first consideration was a fenced yard for our boy and lots of room for him to roam the house. We found the perfect house and moved down last October, along with crate, old and new toys, and three pieces of rubber from his old ball. Yep, we had to move the “ball” with Max. We searched many stores to find another ball like the old one, even people toy stores like Toys-R-Us, all to no avail. My son threatened to toss the old rubber pieces many times, and I just kept saying, “No, that’s Max’s ball; you leave it alone.”

Just when we had given up on finding another ball, Rob went to a new pet store opening in the area and guess what?!?! He found not just one, but two balls like the old one, so now we have a spare. When he came home and squeaked the bag, Max went NUTS. Then Rob pulled out the ball and Max was so excited, he was jumping around flipping the ball and acting like a young puppy. We all laughed and laughed at his antics. When he tired out, he lay down with the ball between his legs and proceeded to “talk” to it. That was so funny and we all laughed so hard we cried. Now Max won’t go into another room without it. It is always within his sight which is too funny and too touching!! After more than a year, he got his baby ball back!!!

Max is very free with kisses to me. He will walk by and lick my arm just to say hello and touch me, but with Rob he is all Macho. Kisses? I think not, my man! How about a high-five or a tail wag? Kisses are for Mommy not Daddy. He will wash my whole face but just nod to Rob. But he is more Rob’s dog than mine so we find this strange. Max is just Mr. Personality and loves us to pieces. His two favorite humans are my son, Greg and his daughter, Mackenzie. Kenzie has been in Max’s life since we moved south and though she’s only four, she’s not in the least concerned with his size. The two of them will go out back and play for hours together with balls, sticks and whatever else they can find. My son will do the same and also play rough with him in the house. Max loves it. When they come over, there is never any doubt about who has arrived because Max whines and talks to the door until they come in.

Max has adjusted well to the Florida weather and since we keep the house cool, we have had no problems with his coat. Our vet loves our boy, too. She always says, “Oh good, it’s the wonderful Max come to see us,” and will sigh. We have him on the once-a-month Comfortis, and he has never had a flea or tick problem which is a problem here in the heat belt.

I could just go on and on about Max but just wanted you all to know how well Max is and how loved and spoiled he is. He also seems to know every word we say, so at times he is downright scary. Both Rob and I live for the looks of pure love from him. Thank you, thank you, thank you for our special guy. I just have no idea how we will cope later on when the crossing of Rainbow Bridge is on the horizon; hopefully it won’t be for a long, long time. We will send updates as they happen; until then keep wagging and keep up the good work you do.

Veronica, Robert and Max Smith