German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#174 Diamond

GSRNE #174
Adopted in February 2005  

We adopted Diamond when she was approximately 2 – 2.5 years old. She came from an abuse situation, where the husband was abusing the wife and terrorizing Diamond. When she first arrived at our house, she would not let her new Dad (me) pet her, although her Mom could. She ducked in terror at the whirring of the ceiling fan, when she heard tree branches stirring in the wind, or even if I opened up a newspaper too quickly. Thankfully, the one thing she always permitted me to do was to take her for a walk. Three weeks into the adoption, she still would not allow me to pet her. But one day, when working in my (home) office, I noticed that she was laying down quietly right behind my chair…and she did not run away when I got up out of my chair.

Soon, she began following me all around the house. Now, she is a constant companion. When we take her to the park now, we can let her run free to chase her little animal friends, as we know she will come running back to us (at full speed) without even having to call her. She is, for the most part, courteous to other dogs, and is very friendly to humans. My wife and I often say about our German Shepherds (and we have owned several over the years), that “so and so” is our favorite Shepherd ever, but we truly believe Diamond is the best dog we have ever owned. She is an absolute joy and we love her to death. Thanks to GSRNE for saving this wonderful creature.