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#172 Leo

Leo (was Micah)
GSRNE #172
Adopted in February 2005

In 2002 we lost our 7-year old Shepherd, Keisar, to Bloat which affects many large breed dogs. I remember crying for months and thinking I could never have a dog again. After about a year we started thinking about getting another Shepherd. I talked to my husband, and we both agreed to get another dog. My friend told me to check out the German Shepherd Rescue website and I did. I called them and was informed that we could not adopt a dog until our son turned eight years old. We had to wait approximately two years. I looked at the website at least 10 times a month.

Six years ago we were blessed with our dog, Leo (aka Micah) #172. He came from Maine as did his sister Miya #179. (Editor’s note: Miya was adopted by Jeannie McMahon, a GSRNE Board member and Volunteer Coordinator. Leo and Miya were both part of the ‘M’ litter.) I often wonder if they met, would they know each other.

I remember when he came home, he was such a good puppy: potty trained and loved his crate, thanks to his foster parents. Our son named him Leo, and it fits him perfectly. Leo’s left ear does not stand up and that is how his name fits him. L (left) E (ear) O (over). Leo is an extremely friendly dog who loves people, long walks with his friend Sofia; a Yellow Lab, and hanging out in his backyard. He loves to talk (bark) when he is in the yard; I think he’s talking to all the other animals in our area. He’s always on guard, walking around the perimeter of our property; he even makes his rounds at night when we are sleeping.

Leo rules the humans in the house, but our two cats rule him. It’s so funny watching the cats take over, and they love being the boss of Leo. Our one cat, Milo, will sleep on Leo’s bed and when I tell Leo to go lie down, he gives me the look; I go and see Milo sleeping on Leo’s bed. I think this is so funny; here you have a 100 lb dog afraid of an 18 lb cat.

He still loves to sing when we play the harmonica. Leo loves people and loves it when people come over. He has to smell them all and give kisses. Leo loves attention, and you have to give it to him at all times. He still has to inspect every bag that comes into our home. Leo is very protective of the house when we are gone. When he meets dogs for the first time he is very vocal, and at times when the other dogs are misbehaving, Leo will correct them, and then he wants to be their best friend. Leo has several dog friends; we take long walks with his friend, Sofia. We can leave the house for five minutes or 10 hours, and he is always so excited to see us when we return.

Leo is six now and you would think he’s one. He is so full of energy that when people see him, they are amazed that he is six years old. Leo is smart also. He knows when we are finished eating dinner. He will come out of the bedroom and sit by the dining room table and give us the look, “Ok dinner is over; it’s my time”. We can’t say the word “walk”. Yes, he knows what that means too. He loves being outside and it does not matter if it’s five degrees or 100. Leo is the best dog, and we are so grateful to the German Shepherd Rescue for giving him to us. A special thanks to Laurie Keating for processing our adoption.

Robert, Zack and Melina Limardo