#158 Phoenix

GSRNE #158
Adopted on January 8, 2004  


Phoenix has crossed the bridge but brought comfort and joy to many during his life. Rest in peace, dear one. 

Read about his happy times as told by his loving owner. I have loved and owned German Shepherd Dogs for many years, and when the last of my lines died before Christmas, I was heartbroken and devastated. Then GSRNE gave me a beautiful 10 yr. old male “fuzzy bear” with the name, Phoenix.

Phoenix is truly my gift. He loves and enjoys every minute of the day, from chasing squirrels & chipmunks in the yard, getting belly scratches, vacuuming crumbs off the floor, playing keep away, to going for rides in the car. I now must spell that word, “r.i.d.e”.

There is not a person in this world that he doesn’t like or want to greet and few that don’t love him back. I fell in love with him the first time I saw him. His beautiful brown, loving eyes warm my heart, start my day, and ease me to sleep at night. I have had shepherds for over 30 years and he is unique in the joy he has for life. Each day is an adventure experienced with a wag of the tail and a “let’s go!” attitude. He loves to sit in the back of my van when we get home from our “r.i.d.e.s” and watch the world go by especially when the kids on the street are playing. He loves every minute of every day.

He went to Therapy Dog class and immediately won the hearts of his teachers. After getting his certificate and his jacket, we signed up for nursing home duty. Now he’s in 7th heaven when we go through those doors. I am amazed at his intuitiveness about these elderly people. If the patients are active and alert, he is happy and excited. If the ladies are more fragile, he immediately becomes very quiet and just puts his head in their hands. They love him and remark about his big feet.

Phoenix had his little quirk – didn’t particularly like other dogs, especially big ones. But he has been working hard in obedience classes and got his Canine Good Citizen Certificate last week. He now can greet other dogs and behave like the gentleman he is.

I am retired now so we have the whole day explore and enjoy life together. To the family that had to give up this dog, I thank you for sharing him with me. He is my “forever” dog.

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