German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#155 Akaysha

GSRNE #155
3/10/2000 – 7/18/2010  

My heart is broken. My beloved Akaysha (GSRNE #155) went to the rainbow bridge on Sunday, 7/18/2010.

Akaysha was a God-send to me. I had lost my precious GSD, Nikki, the year before and things were plain lonesome around here. I found GSRNE and went through the adoption process. I met Akaysha at her foster home with Lynda and Warren at the end of 2003. She loved them and their Clinty. I almost felt guilty driving away with her, because she was so happy in their home. Thanks you guys!

Akaysha had been through quite a bit in her life before she came to me (her third and forever home). While at her first, she was hit by a car and broke both front elbows which didn’t heal properly; her second home did what they could to help; GSRNE had her evaluated for further treatment when it was determined that nothing further should be done. She walked with a splayed gait but that just added to her charm.

Akaysha was a delight, although her soon-introduced kitty sister, Skeeter, strongly disagreed at first. Within the first couple of weeks they were fast friends, running and chasing each other all over the house. Akaysha was not overly fond of the outdoors. She would agree to go for short walks or would fetch a ball in the backyard but always headed to the door after the first throw. She was my snow baby; she loved the snow and would chase snowballs and lie down in the snow piles. It took forever to pluck off all the snow that stuck to her fur she was quite a sight!

Akaysha loved to ride in the car. She was always pleased when shed hear her leash and was asked to go for a ride. It didn’t matter if it was just to the end of the street and back or if we were going to visit my parents or my sister and her husband. She loved it all. She was a well-mannered visitor. just curious enough to amuse, but never to the point where she wouldn’t be invited again.

Akaysha’s favorite place to hang out was in my home offices doorway, and she always insisted that I be sitting in my chair in that office. I think she figured that there was no other way out except over or around her she kept track of me that way. She was content to lie there chewing on her tennis ball…something that had to be closely monitored, because she was always so pleased when she popped one and could start to tear the cover off. Of course, that wasn’t allowed, so I would have to perform a slight-of-hand and convince her that the new one was as good as the old. She didn’t mind she’d throw it to me; Id toss it back; this volley would continue for a little bit and then she would get to work chewing the new one! She loved that ball. When she heard my sister, Robin, on the phone, her ears would perk up and you could see her thinking. She would scurry off to retrieve the ball so Robin could throw it for her: it was one of Akaysha’s favorite games that became a nightly ritual.

Akaysha had another endearing fetish. She loved to collect my shoes and place them in the very back of her crate (I sometimes wondered if she ever had puppies). I never could convince her to go in and bring them back out though. Not so good for her mom’s knees, but you just couldn’t be irritated with this behavior that sweet face would get to you every time!

Akaysha had surgery a little over two years ago she had bloat. Thank God I recognized it and rushed her to the emergency vet who operated on her within that critical first hour. It was scary but my strong girl made it through and did very well. She was one tough customer!

During last year’s annual check-up, the vet thought that Akaysha’s spleen felt enlarged. The x-ray didn’t show anything conclusive, so we had an ultrasound done. Again nothing was evident. We were monitoring her. During this year’s exam, nothing readily presented. However, this past Sunday night, Akaysha appeared to be in distress and couldn’t stand. I rushed her to the emergency vet where the bad news was delivered. They could readily see a tumor on the new x-ray and that there was a rupture. The vet didn’t feel that Akaysha would make it through this surgery, so I had to make a very difficult decision¦ I opted to do the kindest of kind things, I elected to let her go peacefully into the night, so that she could run free and unencumbered with her sister kitty, Skeeter, and Nikki and the others who had gone on before.

Its very quiet here now; empty.

Thank you GSRNE for entrusting Akaysha’s care to me. It has been my distinct honor, pleasure and joy!

With a very heavy heart,

Kristen J. Bradbury
East Hartford, CT