German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#143 Heidi

GSRNE #143
Adopted in May 2003  

Heidi has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was much loved and will not be forgotten. 

Here is an update GSRNE received shortly after she was adopted and it tells the story of a very sweet girl. 

Heidi lived her first 10 years with her former mom, who adored her. But she became ill and kept Heidi kenneled outside for the last couple of years. That evidently included some time out in the bitter cold – her ear tips looked like they were recovering from some frostbite when we first saw her.

Heidi was the only dog we interviewed through GSRNE and it was clear to us at our first visit that she was an exact fit for us. We sought a dog with a calm, sensitive personality that we could make a deep connection to. After just a short time at home with us, we knew that’s what we had.

Heidi has big, honest eyes that communicate exactly what she’s feeling. She has a shiny, silky coat with coloring that draws praise from a passers-by. Despite her years, she is spry and fit with only some gray on her muzzle to betray her age.

Early on, we took her to obedience class. She was the oldest student there. She was clueless at first, quite rusty with most obedience concepts. But her memory was quickly refreshed and by the final session, was the star pupil.

Heidi’s favorite thing is food. She has a keen appetite and scarfs down her meals as fast as we put the kibble in her bowl. She obeys any sequence of commands to get a treat, too.

Her second favorite thing is going for a walk. We walk a couple of miles together every morning and evening. She eagerly waits at the door waiting for us to get ready. On cold, icy nights, there is a lot of gear involved. We install booties on her feet and clip on her leash. Then we don our winter wear plus flashlight, reflective vest, radio headset and a poop bag stuffed in a pocket. Once we finally step out, Heidi holds her tail high and her snout low, leading the way from one olfactory interest to the next.

Among Heidi’s least favorite things is a car ride. She hasn’t the stomach for it. A ride on a full stomach is a sure way to empty it. With this in mind, she is reluctant to climb into the back seat for a trip. But with an adjusted meal schedule and some Dramamine, she has accompanied us on a number of adventures. She has set paw at sea level on the beach and far above at the top of Mt. Washington.

Heidi sleeps next to our bed on her cushion. If we stay up too late, she’ll be the first to bed. If we don’t come to join her soon, she comes back out to remind us that it’s time to sleep. She sleeps soundly all night and usually wakes up at first light to go outside. If we go back to snooze after she comes in, she waits patiently for a short time, then she begins to prod us to get up for breakfast. She starts out with some soft whines and, if we don’t rise, she builds to a delightful series of yodels.

She enjoys playing with her toys. She keeps them all in a basket. When the mood strikes, she goes to the basket and rummages around for the right one. She loves to entertain herself with her squeaky plush toy, tossing it into the air and across the room. Her tennis ball is also one of her favorites, which she likes to bounce on the floor or bring over for a toss – or trade for a nice belly or butt rub.

Heidi has a tender, sweet soul. We are deeply in love with her.