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#136 Tiki

GSRNE #136
Adopted on January 17, 2003


My husband and I have recently adopted a wonderful dog named Tiki. We had looked into adoption from GSRNE after losing the second of our two beloved dogs (one a German Shepherd mix and the other a German Shepherd) last summer. We both love the breed but also really liked the idea of adopting a dog that needed a home so GSRNE was the perfect answer! We were very excited when the call came and arrangements were made to visit a dog that was a possible match for us. I know for me it was “love at first sight”! Tiki was friendly, beautiful, intelligent, had a playful spirit and a gentle manner. She seemed to have all the important qualities that we were hoping for and much, much more. I especially loved the way she scrunched up her eyebrows when she was thinking. We were told that she was healthy but was scheduled to have an operation soon to correct a problem with her elbow. This would require some recuperation time until she could resume all normal activities. We were able to have her a week prior to her surgery so that she could start to get to know us, the cat, and her new home. Tiki came through the surgery with “flying colors”! Her recuperation also went smoothly even though her activity was extremely limited for the first 3 weeks. Not an easy task for a young, energetic dog! At this point, she has fully recuperated and can do all the things she loves like going for walks, chasing balls in the backyard, and playing with the cat! We are enjoying her so much and are looking forward to many, many years of her faithful companionship! Thank you so much, GSRNE.