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#132 Hope

GSRNE #132
Adopted in August, 2001 


We adopted Fritz (the one with the orange toy) in August of 2001 and felt that he would benefit from having a sister, specially to work on his socialization skills and “doggie language”. That is how we started the search for another GSD. As many people had said before seeing Hope was love at first sight. Her look was one of a very sweet, gentle soul, which is exactly how her foster moms described her on the website. She appeared a bit timid at first but in her first encounter with Fritz she showed not fear, but indifference, which is exactly what we were looking for. Fritz was in the middle of his adolescent period and needed some guidance in doggy behavior (socialization) and we felt that Hope could provide him with that. She proved us right. Hope was picked up as a pregnant stray and the vet determined that she have had several litters before she was rescued. Her maternal training was put right to work as soon as she entered our lives. She asserted her dominance over Fritz in their first monitored encounter at home and that has been the end to Fritz’s awkwardly assertive juvenile male dominance. It only took one look and a growl for her to make it clear what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Today we have two wonderful dogs that play together every chance they have, that lick each other affectingly and will lie down together to share toys.

Hope graduates from obedience school

Hope graduates from obedience school

In addition to Hope’s impact in Fritz’s life, she has brought to our lives a great amount of warmth and affection. Fritz is known for his goofy actions and reactions that provoke a good belly laugh. Hope is gentle and loyal at all times. She likes to be wherever I am and always makes sure that she keeps an eye on me outside and inside the house. When she came to us she was extremely food driven but did not care for toys. Today she knows how to fetch and she is able to make decisions about which toys she likes better, although her brother always manages to steal them from her. Obedience school has also helped in our bonding process and her confidence. She understands now that there is a way to learn and for us to communicate so she gets lots of kisses, belly scratches and petting every time she gets a knew command down. I don’t think that you can ever scratch her belly enough!

Hope is a GSD/Lab mix, which manifest itself in her tail wagging being much more effusive than what you would expect from a GSD. Every morning when she hears me getting up I can hear the thumping of the tail against the floor and I know that I will find her smiling on the other side of the door ready for another day full of affection. It is a sound that I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

Thank you to all the volunteers that made our adoption of Hope possible. Special thanks to her two foster moms. She is doing great!