German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#123 Makwa

GSRNE #123
Adopted in March 2002 


Makwa (Mack), GSRNE #123, is the latest addition to our GSRNE family. He turned 6 in October. He joins his 4 year old sister Olivia, GSRNE #84.

Makwa’s story is simple, he was not friendly to cats and had to find a new home. He was brought to a Maine area shelter when GSRNE stepped in to help. We had been thinking of adopting a male GSD and were waiting for the right companion for Olivia.

Her happiness meant everything to us, she is a very low activity dog and could not keep up with a high energy dog. When we read Mack’s description and saw his picture we had to go see him. The adoption coordinator thought we would be a good match, so we brought Olivia to the foster home in Vermont to meet Makwa.

His size was overwhelming to say the least. A gentle giant, he greeted us with kisses. The first meeting between Mack & Olivia did not go as well as we hoped. Olivia did not feel comfortable and it was difficult. We left and went home feeling quite discouraged. Would Olivia learn to get along with any other dog or would she be an only dog? We both loved Makwa so much, it was hard to say no. If it was going to work with any dog, Makwa would make it that much easier. It was tough the first few weeks after we brought him home but now one year later they are best buddies going everywhere together. Makwa is happy to be wherever you are. His favorite pastimes are having his ears scratched, going for walks in the woods and howling at sirens on TV.

Olivia has been with us almost 3 years now and she is still the princess. Olivia was found in a Boston area shelter. She was picked up wandering the streets a couple times and her owner surrendered her for fines owed. She was terribly sick with heartworm and extremely underweight when GSRNE found her. They got her the proper treatment and got her back on her feet. Thanks to everyone’s help she made a miraculous recovery. When I saw her face on the web page I knew she was the dog for me. Her story of neglect was almost too much for me. How could anyone not take care of this beautiful dog? My husband also agreed that we should go meet Olivia. It was definitely love at first sight, she was well behaved, low activity just what we were looking for. She has always been number one in the house and it was difficult for her to accept another dog. I am proud of her for the way she adjusted to Mack living with us. Olivia’s favorite things are belly rubs, keep away with toys and staying just a few feet ahead of Mack on her walks !!! Don’t you agree that they make a striking couple??