German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#117 Maverick



GSRNE #117
? – 10/10/2005  

Mavy crossed the bridge.
Maverick gave his all to us for as long as he could and didn’t quit despite how tired he really was. We made a very difficult decision for us, that was the best thing we could have done for Mav, we gave him peace. A rest from his allergies and itchies and chronic ear infections. Our boy was never anything less than a PERFECT gentleman and always gave so much more than was ever expected of him. Loyal and loving to a fault, Mav was my very first male dog and he was a shining star. We miss you everyday and wish you peace as you join Cocoa and play with the doggie angels. Thank you, Mav, for everything. 600_P3200013 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA