#000 Wayde

March 20, 2007

We have some sad news to share with you all. After a fun filled weekend of hiking and ball playing, we heard from Wayde’s foster mom and dad on Monday that he had some unusual swelling starting. We hoped it was just something temporary, as Wayde had dealt with occasional set backs before.  He had a restless night, and Tuesday morning his body began to shut down and the fluid began to build up in his body. After they talked with their vet, and with us, we knew it was time.   :'(

I can not thank Pam and Peter enough for the love that they showed this dog during his last months. They truly are amazing people, and went above and beyond to give Wayde a happy ending to his life. I am in awe of the strength they both showed throughout the ups and downs of Wayde’s struggle with cancer. They took him in, knowing he had EPI and that they could help him. He was a starved, sick boy that needed their knowledge to help him get better. And he did get better…even after he was diagnosed with and fighting his cancer…he was putting on weight.

It was difficult to grow to love a dog knowing his time was short, but they wanted to insure that Wayde’s life was as good as it could be. Even yesterday, as they were both heartbroken at the thought of loosing him, they were still putting him first. Peter took out hamburg and made Wayde warm meatballs. Quite a treat for an EPI dog that couldn’t have treats at all for fear of upsetting the digestive system.

GSRNE owes them a huge thank you. And to the owner of Sage Dawg kennels, who took care of him while we searched for a foster home; to Dogstar Canine, Wayde’s daycare, who went the extra mile to help care for him during the day and who fell in love with him, too.

I’m glad that we got to know Wayde, and to let you all get to know him, too. He caught many people’s hearts, as we all followed along with his story. Wayde was such a strong boy….it was his body that gave out, not his spirit. And his spirit will live on in the hearts of all of us that grew to love him.

Pam and Peter wrote us a goodbye to Wayde:

“Well, the diseased lymphatic system just overwhelmed him.  He was alert and happy to ride in the car to the vet’s, but walking wobbly with the fluid that had collected in his lower body.  He was only going to get worse.

He played a nice, if limited, game of fetch this morning and even fetched the ball once for the vet.  He got to see little Kristen, the vet’s daughter, one more time.  However, he really only had eyes for the bag of meatballs Peter heated up for him this morning that we took with us.  In fact, he “fell asleep” gnawing on a meatball .

We promised him love, clear direction, games of ball, new adventures, social time with other dogs and humans, and as little pain and discomfort as we could, as well as a  meal of hamburger at the end.  I think we did it.

German Shepherd Rescue, Dogstar Canine, and Kearsarge Valley Vet Clinic all gave this boy a fantastic 4+ months.  He was lonely and skinny when he came to us and he left knowing he was loved with a full belly.  We couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone.  I feel like we were so lucky to have the chance to know and love him.”

Our hearts are broken. Karen McCall, GSRNE’s President said of him, “he had so much heart….the heart of a true German Shepherd.” And he really did. We’re glad we got to know you Wayde….


Wayde is now a poster boy for EPI. Please print out a brochure for educational purposes.


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