German Shepherd Rescue of New England, Inc.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

#000 Orik



Anglo-Saxon word for Ancient Oak Tree
chosen for his strength of character & for showing us the strength of a dog’s love.
1998-99? – 04/17/2002

 History: Orik was abandoned on a country road by his previous owner. Finding himself lost and confused, Orik wandered until he found a familiar sight, a truck. The truck belonged to a man who was out fishing. He was very surprised when he returned to find a German Shepherd happily sitting in the back! The man spent days searching for Orik’s previous owner to no avail, then turned him into a local shelter who eventually called us.

Orik was fostered with Chris and Tomas Harriman for 5 months, then circumstances required him to be moved to Karen M’s house. Both were loving, caring foster homes who showed Orik what love was all about.

Unfortunately, Orik was diagnosed with kidney failure. Though very unusual for such a young dog, the vet felt perhaps it was from an infection Orik had earlier in life that went untreated. There was nothing that could be done to cure this and Orik’s health began to fail quickly. On April 17, 2002, Orik went to the Bridge. 🙁

From Chris and Tomas: We are happy that we gave Orik a chance at a good life. If we hadn’t taken him into our home, he would have fallen apart at the shelter. When we got him, he didn’t know how to play or even what a treat was! We taught him to play, to enjoy treats and how to be a part of a family. In return, he showered us with love and kisses. As we repeatedly used to tell him, he was “such a good boy.” We miss Orik terribly and hope he knows how much we loved him.

With thanks to Orik’s FPiC’s David and Marie Moeckel; and Laura Becker for their help in allowing Orik to learn the joys of living in a loving home.