Puppy Kelsa

Puppy Kelsa

GSRNE’s board got a panicked call from one of our members. The place she works had been contacted about a very sick puppy, and they knew she worked with GSRNE. They asked her if she could find someone to help a puppy that was at Tufts and very sick with Parvovirus.  The puppy was going to be euthanized within the next 5 minutes if they couldn’t find someone. So one of our board members immediately called Tufts.

The owners had purchased the puppy just  a few days before she got sick.  They brought her to Tufts but couldn’t afford the treatment, which is estimated to cost $3000. The vet tried to find a foster home but had no success. She couldn’t ask the owners to wait for hours while she continued to look for help, so she felt she had no other option but to euthanize. She was thrilled when we told her we’d take the puppy, as were the owners.

The puppy’s name is Kelsa,  she’s only 9 weeks old and is very, very sick.  When a puppy has Parvo, there is a chance of death from dehydration,  secondary bacterial infection, and blood loss from intestinal hemorrhage. Kelsa’s being treated with IV fluids, broad spectrum antibiotics and a GI protective.  Fortunately, the owners realized something was wrong quickly so got her into the vet early.

We couldn’t turn away from helping Kelsa, who is fighting for her life.  If you want to help Kelsa too,  it would be so appreciated.



Kelsa did well overnight.


Kelsa did well overnight. She didn’t get fed the first day, but they will  try to give a little food to help the cells in her intestines.  If she won’t eat today, they’ll place a feeding tube but that won’t happen until this evening if at all.  She’ll get her blood tested to recheck electrolytes, and monitor blood values. The concern is the red blood cell numbers. She’ll remain on IV antibiotics, GI protectives and anti naseaua meds. We’re hoping she eats!

If you want to help Kelsa too,  it would be so appreciated.


Kelsa was much better and more alert.


Kelsa was much better and more alert. She is still not eating so they added another anti-nausea med to help stimulate her GI tract to eat. She vomited once so they think the issue is the nausea.  They are tempting her with everything they can think of and she won’t even eat chicken. Her blood glucose is a little low so they are adding Dextrose. If she doesn’t eat in the next 12 hours, they may need to give her a feeding tube. It most likely will be an Esophageal tube which will go down her nose into her stomach and put a high calorie fluid into her stomach. The end will be tapped when not in use to keep out germs. She’ll have to be slightly sedated for this.

She is well hydrated. She’s becoming a little more interested in toys. Food is the biggest issue right now. Here’s another picture…just makes us want to cuddle her up!


Kelsa getting special attention

Update 4/23

The vets are now doing the syringe feeding, and she’s beginning to fight it, which is a good sign.  She has had the diarrhea that’s typical of Parvo puppies; it’s gone from liquid with sloughed-off matter in it to bloody to brown liquid…and…today… it’s starting to firm up.  This morning, she mouthed her teddy bear for the first time while they were trying to get her engaged…and they feel she’s going to make it!

They’re still watching her blood closely to keep an eye on the white blood cells, liver, etc.

The vet expressed her gratitude that GSRNE stepped in to try to save Kelsa; she said they have so many heartbreaking experiences, where owners have spent so much to buy a puppy that they don’t have the funds for expensive treatment if something goes wrong, that this means a lot.  Being able to save Kelsa has helped everyone who works with her.


Kelsa’s syringe


“Hi Everyone, my stomach is starting to feel better and I wasn’t sick last night. Whew, what a relief. I guess this syringe feeding stuff is okay for awhile, but I’d really like to eat by myself.

They keep saying that I have low white blood cells, which is typical for Parvo puppies. I wish they would stop taking blood, but I guess they know best.

I also heard that I need a few more days before I start oral meds.

Ooops, here comes breakfast. It’s that syringe thing again!”

Love for now,
Kelsa XXX000


Much better with some real food!


“Wow! Wow! Wow! So guess who ate some real food today! Me! Me! Me! Plus, I barked like a puppy – woof, woof, woof and I was really wiggly when they tried to examine me.

Wait, that’s not all! I’m getting weaned off of the IV and relying on my oral meds for the next few days! What do y’all think of this news?”

Til tomorrow –

Love and stuff, Kelsa 000XXX

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