Meet Misha and Her Seven Pups


Misha – A New Mom

We had a very busy summer at GSRNE!

In June, we were contacted by an ACO about a young mother GSD named Misha, a little over a year old, and her seven pups, who were two weeks old. They had been left at the shelter when the pups were just a week old, and the ACO was hoping we would have a foster home who could take in the mother and pups so we could find each one a loving adopter once they turned eight weeks old. It took us two weeks to find the right person, but one of our long term members stepped up to take on the job.

The pups were four weeks old at this time and were learning to eat “mush” so they could be weaned. They all had loose stools and were found to have roundworm and Giardia, so it required a whole team of volunteers to give them the care they needed. Misha was a very protective mother but quickly accepted help from her foster Mom, who would take her outside for potty breaks multiple times a day. After the first week, Misha was enjoying some play time in the fenced yard and going for walks and was no longer so worried about her pups. 

In the meantime, the pups were having a great time with the volunteers who took them out for play sessions after cleaning up and changing the newspapers in their crates and play room. They went to the vet for their first puppy shots and for stool checks and had a second round of treatment for the Giardia. In order to keep the pups straight, each was given a name beginning with the letter “M” in honor of their Mom. There are three very special boys: Moose, Monkey and max.

And there are four adorable females: Misty, Morgan, Miley and Magic. 

By the time they were six weeks old, Misha seemed to think her job was done and didn’t really want the puppies bothering her any longer. She was content to watch them from the safety of her crate and preferred to be outside with people when it was her turn for time in the yard. The puppies still looked for some mothering, though, and that was when the foster Mom’s rescue Chihuahua stepped in. She seemed to delight in watching over the pups when they were playing in the yard and would step in to settle squabbles if things were getting too rough. It was amazing to see her trotting along with the seven little German Shepherds following behind her…each one already bigger than she is.

Finding homes for the pups was not a problem because we had applicants who had been approved to adopt and were just waiting for a puppy or young dog. We don’t often get in puppies this young, so some people had been waiting for a year or more. Within a week of turning eight weeks old, all of the pups had gone home with their adopters. Misha is being given time to adjust to no longer having the responsibilities of motherhood, and we’re getting to know her better so we’ll be able to find the best home for her too.


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