Kyra’s Surgery


In early March we received a call about a dog in an emergency situation. Her name is Kyra and she is 3 years old. Her owner had recently gotten her from a woman who wanted to breed her. The poor girl was kept tied out back or in the cellar. Kyra didn’t have much of a life so it was a blessing when her original owner had a new baby and no longer wanted Kyra. Kyra’s second owner was a kind-hearted man who had been doing both horse and dog rescue on his own for many years. When a stall door was accidently left open, Kyra got into the stall and was kicked by a horse, breaking her femur. The new owner rushed her to the emergency vet but was unable to afford the surgery she needed so we were asked to take her to save her life.  The cost of her surgery and care now tops $9,000 but she is doing very well and with continued care, Kyra should enjoy a wonderful future after having such a difficult past. If you want to help, you can select the button below to donate or visit our Giving Grid at All of the people caring for Kyra say she is a very sweet girl. She will be moving to one of our foster homes this week where she will continue to recover until she is ready to find her forever home.

 Kyra Needs Your Help 

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