Reporting Abuse


Animal abuse is a serious issue.  Below are resources to assist in reporting animal abuse in your area.

Animal Abuse Crime Database

Find Your Local Humane Society to Report Abuse
The easiest way to find your local humane society or animal control agency is online at Here you can enter your zip code and find a list of animal shelters, animal control agencies, and other animal care organizations in your community

New Hampshire

NHSPCA Cruelty Investigations


MSPCA-Angell, Boston, MA
To report suspected animal cruelty please call: (617) 522-6008 or (800) 628-5808

Massachusetts  Animal Coalition

Animal Rescue League of Boston:
Boston Center 617-426-9170
Brewster Center 508-255-1030
Dedham Center 781-326-0729


Animal Welfare Program, Maine Department of Agriculture
To report  neglect and abuse in the State of Maine use the following:
The Animal Welfare Program’s business hours are 8am – 5pm, Monday through Friday, and may be reached by the following manner:
Toll Free Phone Number: 1-877-269-9200
Phone Number: (207) 287-3846

Emergency after hours, please call the Orono Barracks of the State Police at (207) 866-2121
and they will contact an Animal Welfare Program representative.

Maine State Animal Control Officers are listed on the Animal Welfare Dept website

HSUS If you suspect illegal animal cruelty in your neighborhood, contact your local animal control or law enforcement agency. If the agency needs assistance, you can contact Ashley at

Prisoners of Greed
Our experience tells us that the best way to shut down the mills is by telling the public the truth about the mills. If the public learns that puppies in pet stores come from puppy mills, they won’t buy them and the mills will close.

American Humane Education Society
350 South Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02130-4803
(617) 522-7400

Dog Scandal Pushes New Fur Labeling Bill

The Coalition for Animal Justice is dedicated to fighting cruelty against species traditionally classified as companion animals.


Chaining Dogs

The Facts About Chaining or Tethering Dogs

Do You Chain Your Dog?

Unchain a Dog in Your Community Today With This Guide
Have you seen chained dogs in your neighborhood? Want to help ensure that pooches in your community live inside with their families? The Humane Society of the United States can help.

Download a free copy of our guide, “A Dog’s Life: Chaining and Your Community”—a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to pass an anti-chaining ordinance in your area—and start helping dogs now!

Dogs Deserve Better
Do you know of a dog that lives it’s life on a chain or pen? This nonprofit organization is
dedicated to freeing the chained dog and bringing our ‘best friend’ into the home and family.

Maine Friends of Animals
One of the most frequent requests MFOA hears from our members is about doing something about what we call “dogs chained for life.” Time and again we get calls about dogs continuously being left outside in inhumane conditions. In our view it is arguably the most pervasive form of animal cruelty that we presently have in the state, especially given Maine winters.



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