Marshall’s Story

A Bright Future For Marshall

Adopted! Thanks to GSRNE’s Loving Support

Young Marshall

Marshall came into GSRNE when he was 7 months old.

Marshall was turned in to GSRNE by his owner, a college student, when he was seven months old. She had rescued him when he was only 6 weeks old, from a laundry basket that had been left by a curb not far from where she lived. As he grew, it became harder for her to make the time to give him enough attention and exercise; so she called our Hotline, looking for help.

Marshall and his foster brother love to walk and play

Marshall loved to run and play with his foster brother

Fortunately, we had an experienced foster home available; and after Marshall passed his evaluation with high marks, we transferred him into their care. He handled the adjustment well and was soon romping in their fenced yard and going for long walks with his new foster brother, a young male Golden Retriever

Tired Marshall

Marshall tired easily and became uncomfortable after running & playing

The foster parents began to notice that Marshall seemed to tire easily, or would become uncomfortable, and go lie down. They also noticed a “click” in his right hip when he was walking. We made an appointment to have his hips x-rayed and were devastated to learn that this friendly young pup had severe bilateral hip dysplasia. We then took him to Tufts for a consultation and learned what our options were for helping him to lead a more normal, pain free life. After much discussion and talking with two orthopedic surgeons, we decided to have a hip replacement for Marshall. We were told that replacing one hip usually alleviates the clinical symptoms so that it shouldn’t be necessary to do the other hip.


Marshall's new foster home and dad, Danny

Although, after the surgery, he would need someone home with him most of the time to make sure he didn’t try to break out of his crate or move around too much. Since his foster parents both worked full time, this meant finding another foster home for Marshall. We postponed the surgery until we were able to place him with his new foster dad, Danny, and canine foster brother, Rocky. We then gave him some time to adjust to his new surroundings. We were so fortunate that Danny was willing to go through this difficult time with Marshall!

OUCH! Those staples look sore

Marshall’s surgery scar. OUCH!

The surgery took place at Tufts on August 27, 2008. The surgeon called afterwards to report that everything had gone well. They had gotten a good, tight fit into the socket and did not have to use cement, which is what they were hoping would happen. Three days later, I met Danny at Tufts to get Marshall. We were both amazed at the way Marshall walked out to greet us, supported by a black trash bag which the vet tech was using as a sling. The instructions were that Marshall was to have minimal opportunity to move around and needed to be supported by a sling when he walked outside several times a day. Danny had borrowed a friend’s minivan so Marshall wouldn’t have to be lifted into his pickup truck, and I had brought a ramp for him to walk up and into the van. Once he was in the van, I followed them home in order to help get Marshall safely out of the van and into a crate in the house. Since I was following Danny, I was able to see that Marshall stood up for the first part of the ride and only lay down once we were on the highway.


Marshall is healing

Before long, Marshall was feeling much better!

 It’s now been 3 weeks and 4 days since the surgery, and Marshall seems to feel like he’s all better and should be able to play with Rocky again. His staples were removed after 10 days, and he had no problems with swelling or redness. He’s not showing any signs of pain, and it’s getting harder to keep him from moving around too much. Fortunately, Danny has two indoor/outdoor runs which can be blocked in the middle. Marshall spends the mornings in the outside portion, which gives him about 5’ to move around in yet keeps him from being able to run. In the afternoons, he’s in the inside portion; and at night, he’s in an extra-large crate in the family room. Eight weeks out from the surgery, Marshall will have that hip x-rayed to make sure the healing is complete and only then will he be allowed to start taking short walks and gradually building up his strength in that leg. Eight weeks, though it seems like forever, is a short time to trade off for a lifetime of normal running, playing, hiking and other normal activities, free from the pain.

Marshall's looking for a new home

Marshall is looking for a family to call his own.

This is the first time that GSRNE has been able to pay for a hip replacement! Without the support of everyone who comes to our Auctions and Walk ‘n’ Wag fundraisers, participates in our Trim-a-Tree/Light the Menorah and other online events, raffles, etc., we could not have done this for Marshall. We hope you will all have a chance to meet Marshall at a future Rescue Dog Parade. and hope you join us on October 4th as we celebrate and honor the dogs that GSRNE has rescued and adopted over the years!

Marshall is now looking for his forever home. If you think it might be you, give us a call!



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