#497 Sasha

Status: Adopted
Age: 1.5 years (DOB 9/13/16)
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Female
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: Unknown
Good with cats: unknown, but has a high prey drive
Foster parents: Christine B.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Sasha
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

This lovely young girl was left at a shelter when she was not quite 1 ½ years old; the reason given was that the owner didn’t have time for her.  She was anxious and timid and overwhelmed by the shelter environment, so we moved her to a foster home as soon as possible.

She bonded quickly with her foster Mom but took longer to become comfortable with her foster Dad.  When the college-age son is home, Sasha is great with him and not shy at all; we’ve learned that she’s eager to meet women and make friends but cautious and hesitant with some men.

Her foster Mom says that Sasha is loving, playful and full of energy.  She plays fetch with any ball you throw for her and loves doing “laps” around the perimeter of the yard.  She’ll spring and jump around by herself and sometimes looks like a baby deer.  In the house, she can act like a lap dog and tries to get on a lap when her person is sitting at the computer or watching TV.

Sasha loves her daily walks and wants to greet the people as they pass; when she sees another dog, she pulls towards them and has to be reminded to keep walking.  If a small animal runs by or is in the yard, she does want to give chase; we think she would do the same with a cat.  In the car, Sasha rides calmly and either looks out the window or stretches out on the back seat.

When we met Sasha, she had some separation anxiety and would have “accidents” in her crate when home alone.  Gating her in the kitchen worked better, and she’s quite used to that now.  She will counter surf to help pass the time, so it’s advisable to keep the counters clear and leave some food puzzle toys and a frozen, stuffed Kong for her to clean out while you’re at work.  She is learning to stay in the crate for short periods while someone is home, which is a help when food is on the counter or she just needs some quiet time.

As a “teenager,” Sasha is an active girl and needs a chance to play fetch games in the yard in addition to going for a daily walk and having some interaction and mental stimulation in the house.  If you’re looking for a companion who will help you stay active and then want to be by your side at the end of the day, Sasha would love to meet you!


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