#474 Olivia

Status: Adopted
Age: 5 Years (11/10/11)
Size: Large
Color: Sable
Sex: Female
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: High
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: No
Foster parents: Sandy B
Sponsor Buddies: Liz and Bruce K.
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Olivia
Photos by: Erin Rizzo

Date Adopted: April 2, 2017

Age at adoption: 5   DOB: 11/10/11

Olivia—or “Livvy” as her foster family affectionately calls her—is a loving and energetic girl who is a nonstop ball chaser. Her foster Mom recounts, “When you pull out a tennis ball, she transforms back to being a puppy and will play with you all day long. She also pursues snowballs, and will often vault straight up in the air like a high jumper to intercept them.” After she’s thoroughly tuckered herself out, Olivia usually finds a willing family member to snuggle up next to, often nudging their arm to get even closer. Her sweet disposition and channeled energy make Olivia a delightful companion for someone seeking an active, devoted, GSD companion.

Olivia’s original owner got her as a puppy, but five years later she moved into a condo that disallowed dogs over a certain weight. Fortunately, a trainer who had worked with Olivia rescued her, but he knew that keeping Livvy in a kennel run would not be a good long-term solution, so he reached out to GSRNE to find a forever home for her.

Thanks to the professional training that Olivia received in her first home, she was able to bring many appealing abilities with her to her foster home, including an impressive vocabulary. Not only does she recognize and follow many commands in English, but she also responds to them when given in German. And, because of her affectionate nature towards her human companions, she readily follows commands given by different family members.

This attractive girl comes house-trained, car-friendly and grooming-compliant. She is comfortable being in a crate—where she sleeps at night—or anywhere in the house. She can be left alone out of a crate and has no chewing issues. Olivia is great with people in all kinds of situations. Her foster Mom says, “When we encounter strangers on our walks, she greets them nicely once I say ‘OK.’ When a stranger comes into the house, I greet them with Olivia on leash, and after getting a treat, she wags her tail and sniffs them. She especially loves kids.”

Olivia was apparently allowed on furniture in a former life, but now readily obeys when directed to get down. And while she first lunged at moving cars on her walks, her foster Mom reports that she is now learning to sit while a car drives by, especially with a pinch/choke collar to focus her. Olivia is also making progress with leash pulling according to her foster Mom. “We are working to get Olivia to slow down on her walks, so she is walking with you, not walking you.”

More challenging is her dog-reactive behavior. “Right now, Olivia doesn’t like other dogs,” according to her foster parent. “We have tried to have her approach all kinds and sizes of dogs, but she gets very nippy. Although Olivia’s early paperwork says she was good in doggie daycare, we have not seen her get along with another dog, and she may always do best as the only dog in the family.”

Olivia’s ideal home would be one where she is the only pet, loved by an active family—including kids—and living in a quiet area where traffic and other dogs could be kept to a minimum. Although she can be left in a crate or loose in the house, her drive for human interaction and regular exercise and play would be best served if living with someone who isn’t away all day.

If you have the experience to be Livvy’s loving GSD leader, the commitment to continue her obedience work so she can realize her full potential, and the time to give her the companionship and exercise she needs, please ask to meet her. See why her foster Mom says, “She is just a great girl—loves people, smart, wants to please, totally comfortable in a home, stable, and protective of those she loves. She offers so very much to the right family who adopts her.”

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