#461 Kyra

Status: Adopted
Age: 3yrs. 3/23/2013
Size: large
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: female
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: medium to high
Good with other dogs: nervous, but will make friends over time
Good with cats: She lives with two cats
Foster parents: Sandy B.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Kyra
Photos by: Loueen L.



Date Adopted:  Nov. 19, 2016

Age at adoption: 3 yrs 8 months    DOB: 3/23/2013

When Kyra came into GSRNE on 3/2/16, she was in the care of a veterinary hospital and needed immediate surgery to try to save her right front leg.  She had wandered into a horse stall and had received a kick that shattered the bones in that leg.  We followed her progress on our Facebook page, and Kyra had many people pulling for her to make a complete recovery, and that’s just what she did!

By the end of March, she could enjoy time without her cone and was taking limited walks.  She stayed at the hospital for a few more weeks, until we could find the right foster home to help her continue making progress.  A new foster family, with experience in rehabilitation, volunteered just when we needed them.  They got to know Kyra’s personality while taking her through physical therapy and gradually increasing her activity level.  One of the things they learned is that Kyra loves to play with her tennis ball and enjoys nose games, like finding hidden kibble or special toys.

Kyra loves people and warms up quickly to anyone she meets; she wags her tail and tries to give kisses.  She’s a people dog for sure, but she will bark when there’s a knock on the door, which we expect from our German Shepherds.  When you tell her all is well and introduce her to the visitor, she greets them with a happy face and approach.

She’s an affectionate girl and loves putting her head in your lap or snuggling you with a full body snuggle; she even tries to give you a two-legged hug while standing on her hind legs.  When it comes to the car, she tries to claim the passenger seat….co-piloting is her dream job…but she’ll move to the back seat, which is safer for a dog.

She lives with two cats in her foster home and does try to chase them, but it’s all a fun game to her.  The cats are dog-savvy, so it has not been a problem.  She can be nervous around other dogs; she tends to bark at them and want to keep her distance, but she has made some canine friends over time.

Kyra imposes no limits on herself and has a lot of energy, so she has to be reminded to slow down and not jump off things; she’ll do great with a loving and nurturing person and will return that love ten fold.

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