#414 Kyah

Status: Adopted
Age: 4 months
Size: puppy
Color: Black and Tan
Sex: Female
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: High
Good with other dogs: Yes
Good with cats: unknown
Foster parents: Mary Ellen D.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

Photos by: Loueen LaVallee


Kyah is everything you imagine a puppy to be – she is adorable, active, loving, smart and interested in everything around her. She has been going to puppy classes and is learning the basic commands – sit, down, stay, leave it, come, wait, and paw. Kyah is living with a 5 year old GSD in her foster home along with two adults and two teenage children. She loves to play; she is learning to drop a toy either at your feet or on your lap and wants you to throw the toy for her to go and fetch. She really enjoys being outside with her foster family and will carry one tennis ball in her mouth while batting the other one around with her paws. She also loves ice cubes and will work on her training for an ice cube reward.

Kyah uses her crate at night and when there is no one there to watch her. She settles down right away at night. During the day if you need to go out, she may “squawk” for about 30 seconds when you put her in the crate and then she settles right down.

Since she is a puppy, she needs supervision. Even with plenty of toys and another dog in the house to play with, she is still learning that not everything is a chew toy. During the day she very rarely will go into her crate to nap. She is curious and doesn’t want to miss a thing so she naps wherever she thinks the action might be.

Kyah has been going to doggy day care and is learning to socialize with the other dogs. She loves to meet people and is very friendly. She is curious about everything and not at all fearful, so she has to be supervised closely. Kyah’s foster family has worked with her and a trainer to help her resolve the food guarding behavior she demonstrated while she was in the shelter. She is now accepting with people (you can take her dish or the food) and doing better with the other dog in the family but this is something her adoptive family will want to continue to work on.

Kyah is great in the car. She will look around briefly and then settles down for the remainder of the ride. Kyah is working on her leash etiquette but this is still an area for improvement.

Kyah is a very social girl. She enjoys meeting people. She gets along well with most other dogs and just wants to have fun. Her forever family will need to continue her training to help her to become all that she can be.

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