#492 EVA

Status: Adopted
Age: 4-5 yo
Size: Medium to Large
Color: Brindle
Sex: Female
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: No
Good with cats: Yes
Foster parents: Collette B.
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Eva
Photos by: Erin Rizzo

Eva is a very playful, energetic, smart girl who absolutely loves playing ball, being outside running and playing anything at all.  In the house, she’s happy to lie down nearby and keep you company with whatever you’re doing.

When she came into GSRNE, we were told that she was not good with other animals, but her foster parents said they would introduce her, gradually, to their two kittens and pet rabbit.  We kept our fingers crossed, but it wasn’t long before Eva was nuzzling the bunny and trying to play with the kittens.  She is leery of other dogs, though, and will bark if they are in sight; helping her become more comfortable is a work in progress.

Eva lost her original home when her owners moved into a retirement home; she was alone in the house after that.  Their son would visit her several times every day, taking her out, feeding her, trying to find her another home, and she would wait patiently for each visit.  She had a bad ear infection when she first came into GSRNE, and her foster parents made many trips to the vet, including to a specialist, to get the infection cleared up.  At first, she couldn’t stand to have her ear touched; but she’s doing much better now and cooperates for ear exams and when getting medication in her ear.

When people come to visit, Eva greets them with her tail wagging; she’s very comfortable meeting new people.  As an “only dog,” she has bonded closely with her foster parents, as they have with her.  They have asked to become her forever home; we can see that Eva is very happy with that decision, so we’re very happy, too!

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