Status: Available
Age: 4 years (DOB 12/19/2016)
Size: Large
Color: Golden Sable
Sex: Male
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: Some, if properly introduced
Good with cats: unknown
Foster parents: Karen and Doug H
Sponsor Buddies: Jim N.
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Blitz
Photos by: Lindsey Camilli

The first thing we noticed about Blitz is how stunning he looks in person, pictures do not do this handsome boy justice.  This regal guy absolutely loves playing fetch in the fenced yard nearly as much as a newly learned activity in foster care: Nose Work.  For fun, his foster Mom said she had put an item two rooms away and six feet off the floor, and Blitz found it in less than a minute; she has even taught him to “alert” by sitting.  He is a dog who needs an adopter who wants to do fun activities with him.  Other things Blitz likes include being brushed with a Furminator, taking apart stuffed toys, chasing squirrels away from the bird feeder, meal times and being close to his people.

Blitz had been surrendered to animal control after his original owners, an elderly couple, could no longer care for him properly.  At 4 years old, Blitz was confused and despondent at the shelter, and a volunteer buddied up with him to give him play time and reinforce basic obedience.  She told us he needed to build his confidence, and his foster parents started the Nose Work as a way to help with that.

In foster care, Blitz got a great start in his new life.  However, he continued to have some behavioral quirks such as refusing to go willingly into a crate or use stairs to get to the second floor.  He was not destructive in the home in anyway and slept soundly on the first floor.  Blitz would also become anxious when visitors came to the house, requiring a controlled introduction.  Once he became more comfortable, he would take treats and play ball with company.

To help him work through some of these issues as well as reinforce basic training, we moved him to a board to train facility with a trainer we have worked closely with in the past.  He told us that initially Blitz was somewhat obstinate when he directed him to do something he didn’t want to do (such as heel when he saw a fun critter to chase).  He could also be reactive to other dogs in the kennel.  After several weeks, Blitz has made tremendous progress in his training.  He will need an adopter with prior working dog experience who can continue to reinforce the training he has already begun and keep his mind and body active.  He will do best as the only pet in a calm, patient household.

If you can give this sweet boy the patience and understanding he needs, you will be rewarded by having a most loyal and loving companion.

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