Foster Home Application

Thank you for your interest in the GSRNE Foster Program!  We need foster homes as we can not bring in dogs in need without you!

Please review the Foster Home Requirements before completing this application.

Applicant Information

Note: Some homeowner’s insurance companies will not insure or will cancel a policy if you have a German Shepherd in your residence. If you rent, live in a townhouse, condominium, or other home association, GSRNE will contact and require a written approval letter from your landlord and/or home association.
Note: With a few exceptions, GSRNE requires that Foster Homes have a fenced area attached to the house for safety reasons. Currently, we are in need of homes with fences. We have many applicants on hold to finish the Foster Home process that do not have a fence.
Wood stockade, vinyl, chain link, etc. The fence needs to be a minimum of 4' high, but doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive, nor does it have to encompass your entire yard. The fence must be sturdy and in good condition, so that a dog cannot find a way to escape. The Invisible Fence alone cannot be used for foster dogs as most German Shepherd dogs will run through the boundary.
If you do not know the exact height, please enter an estimate and note that it is an estimate.
If you do not know the exact length, please enter an estimate and note that it is an estimate.
Note: GSRNE requires that your tenant(s) and/or roommate(s) sign a liability waiver.
Note: Any children in the home or visiting regularly must be at least ten years old.
Note: GSRNE requires that your present dog (s) have been in your household for at least six months, and that no additional pets are brought into the home during the foster period. This is to ensure the GSRNE foster dog will receive your full attention in the training and stable environment required to prepare the dog for an adoptable home.
Note: Currently, we are in need of homes without cats and small dogs. Your Foster Home Application may be put on hold until there is a dog that we know we can put into a home with cats and/or small dogs. Most of the dogs we take in have a high prey drive and will chase after your small pet.
Note: If you are fostering for another rescue or shelter, and are approved after our Foster Home application process, GSRNE will wait until the foster period from the other rescue or shelter is over to place a GSRNE foster dog in your home. This is to ensure the GSRNE foster dog will receive your full attention in the training and stable environment required to prepare the dog for an adoptable home.
If this is not applicable to you, please enter "N/A" or "None" in the response.

Foster Dog

Note: Some foster dogs are in and out of rescue after 8 weeks, others typically stay 12 to 16 weeks, and others can take a while before the right home is found. We ask Foster Homes to foster a dog until the dog is placed. We need the homes to realize that the dog may be a resident for some time as we look for an appropriate home.
Note: Our policies and guidelines are in place for the benefit of the dog and the foster home. You may question some, but they must be followed.
Note: All our foster dogs are evaluated before they are approved to come into our fostering program. The evaluation is a snap shot of what the dog is about, but most of the dogs are very stressed out when being evaluated and do not give an accurate reading, so putting the dog into a foster home helps us get a better picture of the dog's personality.
Note: GSRNE will setup up an account at your vet's office if the foster dog has any medical needs. All vet services and products must be authorized by GSRNE.
Note: GSRNE will give you a list of dog food options you can choose from to be purchased for the foster dog.
If you have no preference, please enter "No preference".
As you answer this, please think about your lifestyle - are you active, in and out a lot, are there lots of people/children around, etc., or are you more sedentary, quiet, with few visitors? Is a puppy, younger dog or a senior dog best for your situation? Do you have other pets that need consideration?


Please provide three personal references (name, telephone number, relationship, and how long you have known the reference) as well as your veterinarian contact information).
By typing my name in the signature box above, I certify that this is a valid and legal substitution for my written signature on this legal document titled Foster Home Application
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