We are counting the days to our most important fundraising event of the year, the Annual GSRNE Auction. To learn all about this important event, click here or use the handy links at the “What’s Happening” sidebar.

Our 20th Annual Auction


Springhill Suites by Marriott 43 Newburry Street., Peabody, MA 01923


We Have Our Own Entrance to Our Spacious New Venue

 Sunday, April 28, 2019

11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  

Open to the public!   

Who knew helping a charity would be so much fun? 

Some of the most unusual and treasured items will be auctioned off in our Live Auction and two Silent Auctions! There are also raffles, good food and our wonderful sales table where you can find GSRNE items and more.  Come early and bid often!





This benefit auction features everything a dog lover could need or want! Unique and unusual items will be  available featuring a German Shepherd theme – a rare opportunity for the German Shepherd Dog enthusiast to find so many collectibles at one time, in one place. This year we also have items galore for the human members of your family. Mark your calendar and plan on having a great time and helping out New England’s German Shepherd Dogs in need!

Having Fun

Enjoy bidding on (and winning) many terrific canine, non-canine and German Shepherd Dog collectibles. You can feel good knowing that you have helped pay for veterinary visits, medicine, surgeries, food and other expenses required to rescue German Shepherd Dogs. We provide what they need and then place them in loving homes. We hope you find the Auction to be a fun way you can help by donating items to the Auction, spreading the word about this important event and participating on Auction Day, if you can. 

How You Can Help: On Sunday, April 28th, we begin setting up around 9:30 am. All the tables and auction items have to be in place by 11:30 am when the first Silent Auction begins. After the auction, we need help to pack up and leave the auction room in order. It’s a lot of fun and there is a great sense of accomplishment to be a part of the day. In addition to the auction, we will have a sales table, a food table with sandwiches and chips and baked goods as well as a 50/50 raffle.

Bidding makes everyone hungry! If you can donate food or baked goods for the food table please email us at auction@gsrne.org. If you have any questions or if you can help in any area, please email auction@gsrne.org.

Enjoy the auction, bring your checkbook or credit card and bid high to help the dogs!

On Auction Day, we can accept cash, personal checks and credit cards for payment of your items.

Cash is appreciated for the food and sales tables. Please don’t forget to bring a little extra for raffle tickets!

GSRNE Auction Quick Links

How You Can Help

Donations and the Tagging Party

Auction Poster

 Directions to Springhill Suites

The GSRNE Buddy Program helps to support our GSDs staying in our Foster Homes while they wait to find their forever family. We thank all of our Buddies listed below. We also thank the hundreds of people who have answered our call for help over the years when we have taken in a Dog that needed extraordinary medical care like Ginger, Kyra, Anton, Ajax and others. To learn about our Buddy Program click here.



Alena S.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Alice M.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Amy R.


Barbara L.

Brady and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Barbara R.


Barbara W.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Bob I.

Izzy and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Brian K.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Briana S.

Shadow, Elsa, Angus, Zoe and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Buck D.


Chad M.

Sable, Danika

Cheryl D.


Chris G.


Chris H.


Christopher B.


Colleen G.


Cynthia K.


Deborah H.

Izzy and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Debra T.

Harley and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Doug S.


Erin L.


Eugene P.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Gale H.


James N.

Ziva, Jasmine, Diamond, Maggi & Jolene, Campy, Luke, Danika

Jamie S.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

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Champ, Daisy, Casey and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Jess J.


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Ken N.


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Laura L.


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Lea C.


Leo B.


Linda T.

Elsa and GSRNE Foster Dogs

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Lisa P.


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Snow White

Mary G.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Meg S.

Hayden, Dakota

Melissa D.


Nancy D.


Nancy L.


Nancy W.

Sophie, Lady

Pamela F.

Angus, Jarvis, Sable

Patrick M.

Chloe, West, Angus and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Paul S. DB


Paul S.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Paula A.


Peggy Y.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Rafael A.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Raj P.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Robert & Linda I.

Ringo and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Robert N.


Russell W.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Sara D.

Gemma, Sophie, Sarge and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Sara DL.

Logan, Sarge

Sara N.


Scott S.


Shawn L.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Shelia B.

Aros and GSRNE Foster Dogs

Steve H.

Angus, GSRNE Foster Dogs

Suzanne P.

GSRNE Foster Dogs

Uri B.


Victoria J.


Walter J.


Wendi L.


GSRNE #202
2000 – 11/2018   

Click for more photos of Rocky
Password: Rocky

It is with tremendous sadness that we share that Rocky, GSRNE #202 crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this week.

We all know the worst part about owning a dog is having to say goodbye, and that goodbyes often feels far too soon. GSRNE’s Rocky was lucky; life gave him the gift of dying as an old man, at 17.5 years of age. This is a rare and extraordinarily ripe old age for the German Shepherd breed.

Adopted in 2002, Rocky was an owner-surrender and he had a great deal of separation anxiety. It took months for him to finally feel comfortable and bond with his foster Dad, who soon became his forever Dad.

We have so many memories of this remarkable dog. He shared his home and his Dad with many of our GSRNE foster dogs for the past 15 years–often hosting as many as four foster siblings per year. Rocky welcomed them all. This handsome boy was so easy going and also accompanied his Dad, Danny, on many in-take evaluations at shelters and homes for dogs coming in to our Rescue. They shared a special bond and were inseparable. Rocky loved riding “shotgun” in the front seat of the pickup truck, and even when his hips were too weak to stand he still got up to head to the dog park every morning with Danny.

Our dogs are members of our family in every way that matters, which makes losing them all the more devastating. We can’t imagine how lonely our friend Danny is now without his Rocky. For so many years Rocky was a huge part of Danny’s everyday life, and it has to be heartbreaking now–no more trips to the dog park, no more making that special home made “doggie meatloaf,” no more best buddy riding in the pickup truck on everyday errands. Now just an empty dish and leash and a lifetime of memories to comfort him and fill his heart until they meet again for a joyful reunion at the Bridge.

We love you and we will miss you, Rocky. With your sweet kisses and unconditional love, you brought much joy into our hearts at so many of our events. Run free, handsome boy, and catch those squirrels with your buddy Nitro.

GSRNE #208
2006 – 11/4/2018   

Click for more photos of Eragon
Password: Eragon

We were shocked and our hearts saddened to hear of the sudden and unexpected loss of Eragon. He was a large, confident, beautiful male who was always a big presence with a loud bark at all our GSRNE events. Eragon came to GSRNE at the tender age of 6 months, when he was found wandering the streets of Worcester. Adopted in 2007, it was only a few years later that Eragon gave back to the Rescue that saved him by welcoming his first GSRNE foster brother, Ember, into his home. Then along came other fosters: Cora, Gemma, and Saphira. Some of Eragon’s favorite activities were playing with his toys, enjoying a walk, swimming at Houghton’s Pond, and sleeping on his Mom’s bed. Words can’t express how saddened we still are to hear of his loss. After sharing a home with Eragon for over 12 years, his family can’t believe that they won’t find him on the sofa or in his bed anymore.

We love you Eragon, we’ll see you at the Bridge…


Adopted: June 7, 2007

Did you know that in addition to rescuing German Shepherd Dogs and helping them to find their Forever Homes, GSRNE also helps New England Shelters who have taken in GSDs? We often hear from area Shelters that are looking for help with a GSD they are trying to place. Sometimes we are able to take the dog into GSRNE if he or she is a good fit for our program and we have an available Foster Home. If we are not able to help directly, the Shelter may ask us to post the GSD on our In Area Shelters page. They come to us because they know that GSDs do best with families that know the breed. Over the years we have posted many dogs on our In Area Shelters page and sometimes our posting has been the place where their new family found their new best friend. Click here for our In Area Shelters page.

Update on 05/01/2018

Riley passed her puppy AKC test, and is starting a 6 week course for her manners training this week.










Adopted on 3/25/2018


Riley came to GSRNE after her first family realized that, given their already very busy lives, caring for a young puppy was too much work. Four-month old Riley, however, immediately found a home with her foster family and her brother, Ramble, another GSRNE rescue.

Riley is energetic, playful, and ready for anything—a game of fetch, a car ride, and even training. She enjoys practicing the cues she has learned at school, and her parents are proud to report that she passed her most recent evaluation. Curious to discover new things, Riley has started to explore the kitchen countertop. Her family is working with her on this, and Riley has started to understand that counter surfing, as well as digging, is not appropriate behavior. During quiet time, Riley is very content, settling down with a toy and eventually dozing off to sleep.

Riley is not shy when it comes to meeting new people. In fact, she loves being the center of attention, and her big ears, still too large for her small size, attract new friends! In addition to puppy school, Riley attends doggy daycare once a week, where she is friendly with both big and small dogs.

Riley quickly became a part of her new family. Her parents cannot imagine giving her up, and they look forward to building a lifelong relationship with her. Even Ramble—though occasionally tormented by his spirited sister—is overjoyed to have found a friend in Riley.

GSRNE #487
2011 – 8/2018  

Click for more photos of Stella
Password: Stella   

Beautiful, sweet Stella came to GSRNE in 2017 when she was 7 years old, and her foster family fell in love with her on Day 1 and adopted this wonderful girl. Several months later, Stella’s appetite was not good and she lost interest in play. Her family took her to the vet, who found that Stella was in renal failure. They got a second opinion, and the second vet found that Stella also had a tumor in her lung. There was nothing that could be done. She was not in pain so her family brought her home to spend her final days together. When the time came, they had the vet come to their home so that Stella was not in a strange place when they said goodbye to the their girl. Stella was an angel, and her loss was a hard hit for everyone who knew her.


Link to Stella’s bio page: https://gsrne.org/dog-bios/stella/

GSRNE #245
2007 – 8/3/2018   

Click for more photos of Marshall
Password: Marshall

We’re sorry to report that Marshall crossed the Bridge on August 3, 2018, at the age of 11. In May he was diagnosed with nasal carcinoma. He had some chemo which held it in check for a short time, but his tumor started hemorrhaging and nothing more could be done. His loving family had to make the heart-wrenching decision to let him go, because Marshall had completely lost his “joie de vivre” and interest in food. He passed away while his family surrounded him, petting him.

Marshall had a great life, and he will be sorely missed. He was cremated and will be kept next to his dog pal Piper, who died a few months before him.

Adopted: November 8, 2008


GSRNE #246
2005 – 9/2018   

Click for more photos of Zago
Password: Zago

Our sweet boy Zago has passed away. He was 15 and had a tumor along with hip issues. He was a loving boy that put a smile on the face of every person he met. He and Lassie (his GSD sister) became close buddies, which was a joy to see. His wonderful greetings after a hard day at work are already missed. He passed quietly, with no pain. He lived an active happy life with a puppy-at-heart personality to the very end. All his friends were able to visit him to say farewell–including Lassie, which was pretty amazing (it was simultaneously adorable and heartbreaking to watch her give him kisses). I am comforted by the fact that he lived a long happy life. Thank you, GSRNE, for introducing Zago to us.

Adopted: November 13, 2008

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