Calendar Raffle Wrap Up

Big thanks to all the supporters of our Calendar raffle! We sold 553 tickets and grossed over $5500 in money for the dogs. For all the people who purchased tickets, thank you! We also want to thank our Facebook friends and members who also purchased tickets through our website! We did have some expenses but some of our costs were covered by donations from our corporate partners for this event who donated gift cards.
We would like to thank Lauralee Davis for being the Chairperson for this event for another year. (We are already working on next year!) We would like to thank Jenn Frampton for contacting many places to help defray our costs and offer tantalizing prizes to sell tickets. A sincere thank you to our members who sponsored ‘squares’ by donating an item or money for a daily winner. Many of these were done in memory of a beloved pet or person! We also want to thank the many individuals who sold tickets. Lauralee Davis was the top individual seller and will be awarded a $25 gift card as a token of thanks from GSRNE!! Laura DiDio was the runner up. Jill and Jim Cuddihy did a great job selling tickets at their events and were the events team winners. They will also be receiving a $25 gift card as a way of saying Thank YOU. Fred Davis was the runner up.
It ís very exciting to see who wins every day. And a fun event for all! The odds of winning are really good since we don’t have thousands of tickets sold. So remember that for next year! We would appreciate your comments, suggestions or donations for making next years event even bigger and better!!!
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