Millie Meets Melissa

“Did you guys hear? I’ve got a new dog!”

“And auntie says I’m grown up enough to help take care of her!”

“I’m going to look after you really well, girl.”

“First, open your mouth and say ahhhh.”

“Good, now WATCH ME whenever I do this.”

“Now, LAY DOWN.”

“You are a very, VERY good girl.”

“If I’m SO good, then why did my previous family DUMP me?”

“Because someone very smart, way up in heaven, knew ‘I’ needed you.”

“Hey, I know, maybe Millie can be my new Nannie!”

“Psssst. And I know where auntie hides all the best cookies.”

“Welcome to your new home, Nannie Millie.”

Next Up: Vet Check for Nannie Millie

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