#390 Phin

http://gsrne.org/gsrne-live/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Phin-4545-1-wpcf_300x350.jpg Status: Adopted
Age: 6 Years Old
Size: Large
Color: Sable
Sex: Male
Spay/Neuter: Yes
Activity level: Medium to High
Good with other dogs: Yes, if properly introduced
Good with cats: Unknown
Foster parents:
Sponsor Buddies:
Yard Fencing: Required

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Password: Phin
Photos by: Loueen LaVallee

Phin is a gorgeous, large, sable male that has separation anxiety and will bark when left at home.  He came into our program from a family that was moving and could not take him with them.

Unfortunately due to Phin’s issue, we had to board him until a foster home became available.   A foster home that had someone home during the day to help work out his separation anxiety.  During his stay in the kennel, he lost weight and was stressed, barking incessantly at the other dogs.  Luckily, we found a foster home for this boy and moved him to their home as soon as possible.

Once in a foster home though, he gradually calmed down and began regaining the weight he had lost.  His foster parents found that he had severe separation anxiety and would not stay in a crate unless it was in the bedroom at night, door open and they were in the room.  If one of them needed to go out during the daytime, the other stayed with Phin or took him in the car.  They began leaving him for five minutes at a time, gradually increasing the time, and worked on obedience training to keep him stimulated.

Another issue that began was Phin’s reactivity to other dogs.  His original family said that he did not like small white dogs, so taking him for walks was a challenge for the foster home.  His foster parents worked with him for months with our Foster Home Coordinator and Foster Dog Training Coordinator, and were making some progress.  Then, unfortunately, they had a family health emergency that meant Phin had to be moved again.

We were fortunate to have received an adoption application and done a home visit with a man who was a retired police K9 officer, and who seemed like a good match for Phin.  We explained to him what the issues were, and he agreed to take Phin as a foster-to-adopt candidate.  It didn’t take long for him to bond with Phin and appreciate his intelligence and potential.  He continued working on the obedience training and took him for five to six walks a day, and Phin responded well.

As of March 15, 2014, Phin’s final foster home officially adopted him, and Phin is now GSRNE #390!

Some of our rescue dogs need more help than others in order to become adoptable.  They have to wait for just the right people to “find” them.  We are able to give them that time, thanks to the tireless efforts of our volunteers, foster homes, fundraising efforts, and everything else it takes to give them another chance in life; which is what we do together.

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