Adopted on 3/24/2014


Sailor is a beautiful, joyful, loving and almost two-year-old female GSD that is looking for a wonderful forever home. Sailor She came into our program from an owner that could no longer afford her care or give her the time she needed.  Sailor is currently living with one human adult and no other animals.

She loves to play, take walks and learning new things.  She is well behaved, comes when called, is great on the leash, and is very excited to learn new commands.  Sailor is a very smart dog and learns very quickly.   She loves being with her people as much as she can!  Sailor’s foster mom loves her so much; she wanted to adopt her, but understands that Sailor needs another dog in the home to help with her separation anxiety.  She does not like to be crated, but will tolerate it for no more than four to five hours.  Having another dog with her will relieve her of her stress.

She loves toys and a tennis ball is the most favorite of all her current toys.  She likes to carry her ball in her mouth most of the time.  She will play with her stuffed animals too.  She enjoys running errands with her foster mom and riding in the car.  When she is in the yard she will run and frolic about like a puppy having fun and no cares in the world.  She is still young and behaves like a puppy at times.  She is crate trained and potty trained.

Sailor really wants to please her handler and is a happy, loving dog that yearns for a family of her own.

Daisy, Diesel, and Magnum have found their forever homes!  Daisy now has her own family and a Lab brother her own age. Diesel has two GSD sisters and is enjoying his training.  Magnum is having a great time meeting new friends and going for walks in the woods with his family.

#403 Daisy




#401 Diesel

#400 Magnum


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Cane has been adopted!

#399 Cane

This gorgeous boy now has a canine brother and sister and his new dad owns a ‘doggie daycare’ where Cane will have a very social life filled with lots of friends and playtime. Congratulations to Cane!









Congratulations to Bear, Diamond and Anton who have found their forever homes!

#395 Bear (Puppy)

#397 Diamond

#397 Diamond (Sweet Senior)

#398 Anton (Retired Explosives Detection)

Check out our Events Calendar for upcoming events including the York Beach 30th Annual Harvestfest on Saturday, October 18. You will find details about this event and MORE at the Events Calendar.  We look forward to seeing you.


GSRNE at the 30th Annual York Beach Harvestfest!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM



GSRNE #313
2007 – 8/21/14 

Greg & Patty, who are parents of Lady #313, tell us that Lady is very loved, has acclimated nicely, has free run of the house and does fine (she no longer uses her crate at all), loves rides in the car, bonded to Patty like glue and also does great with Greg. She is no longer hand-shy and welcomes strangers, does long walks every morning, and she does well with other dogs. She is very healthy, had allergy meds when they got her, but they have subsided and she no longer takes meds. Runs off lead on the beach with her mom and loves it. And she is a walking advertisement for GSRNE, as Patty & Greg tell everyone about GSRNE.


It is with very heavy hearts that Patty and I must inform you and the GSRNE family that Lady, GSRNE #313, passed away peacefully Thursday 8/21/14. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge after a far to short 4.5 years with us, but she filled those years with joy. Her transformation from a timid and shy girl to a confident, social “unofficial” ambassador for all the great work the GSRNE volunteers do for our beloved dogs was remarkable. Lady’s gentleness and “Old Soul” presence gave great joy to us, family, neighbors and numerous elderly residents at a local nursing home on “unofficial” service visits.

Lady was well known around town while riding “Shotgun” in either the big Jeep or the little-Jeep Wrangler with the top down (She owned that car). She had to have a ride every day, often sitting in the Jeep awaiting her chauffeur. Although it took six months after her adoption for her to find her voice, once found she expressed herself and her joy and excitement in anticipation of car rides, going to the store or just getting the mail at the foot of the driveway. She could be heard barking her excitement while driving down the road were neighbors and local merchants would come out to wave to her. She became a true celebrity.

She bonded with Patty, and Lady was Patty’s baby. Where ever Patty was Lady was at her knee, attentive and inquisitive. Lady was always a lady but if she did not wish to do something she would just sit down as an immoveable 85 pound German Shepherd. She never objected, she just sat down.

In the heat of mid-July Lady was less interested in her morning walks so we awaited cooler weather. At the beginning of August she was not interested in her breakfast yet devoured her dinner and any treats. A pre-existing left knee injury with arthritis became more stiff. Two weeks later with labored breathing and tiredness we got her to her Vet. The knee had swollen, it was extremely aggressive bone cancer that spread to her lungs. We had to let her go.

Our tears and pain of mourning will pass with time and thoughts will turn to smiles of remembrance.

We loved Lady so much.

–Greg & Patty

? – 8/6/2014

The GSRNE family is heartbroken that our wonderful gentle boy has left us. We always work hard to find the right match between our dogs and adoptive families. When Angus came to GSRNE in the fall of 2010, we soon found out that staying with his foster mom, Peggy, would be the best place for him to be. She certainly did everything for him as much that any one of us would have done for one of our own dogs nursing him through many eye and ear infections. She loved him unconditionally and spoiled him with his favorite meal of chicken and potatoes! It would have been 4 years this October that Peggy has had her boy Angus–her permanent foster dog. We’re positive that Angus always felt like this was his ‘fur-ever’ home with her and we couldn’t have found a better place for him to spend these last years of his life. Peggy gave him everything in these past 4 years that he never experienced in his early life. She told us; “He was a very funny dog who loved chicken and potatoes. Angus was such a good, sweet boy… He was my Buddy!”

Thank you Peggy for taking such good care of our –your– boy!

Anfon IMG_9251

Anton is recovering from heart surgery.

8/17/2014 Update: Good news! Anton is on the mend. Anton was a very happy boy on Saturday when the Vet informed his foster parents that he could now play with his toys. Anton LOVES his toys! We would like to thank ALL of you who have sent prayers and donated to his surgery costs. It would be impossible for us to help dogs that need expensive medical surgeries and treatments like Anton without generous donations from our wonderful supporters.


If you would like to help us with the cost of Anton’s heart surgery, please click the button at the bottom of this page to make your tax-free donation.



Anton the day after his heart surgery.

8/14/2014 Update: Anton’s foster mom reports that Anton is doing better. His wounds are beginning to heal and he is starting to act like his old self.  He is still confined to the family room with no activity but is showing interest in his toys and his ball — right now “catch” is definitely off limits. If you would like to help us with the cost of Anton’s heart surgery, please click the button at the bottom of this page to make your tax free donation.

8/11/2014 Update: We are asking that you please keep Anton in your thoughts as he recovers from heart surgery. Anton is doing much better, although nights have been really rough for him. He is restless and the pain seems worse. His foster mom has not left his side since he came home from the hospital and she has ‘quarantined’ herself to their family room with him. Always a boy who loves attention, he really loves having his foster mom at his side 24/7.

You may have seen Anton on our website and even on our Facebook page. He’s a large gorgeous bi-color, long haired German shepherd that served one year in Afghanistan as a “Detection Explosives K9”. After that tour, he did security and explosives detection keeping our U.S. ports and waterfronts safe. Early last spring he came to New England to work at the Wood’s Hole Port Authority; and when it was time to retire him at age 7, they called GSRNE.

During Anton’s routine Vet exam, we were informed that Anton had a serious heart murmur and would require delicate heart surgery. When we take a dog into our rescue, we treat the dog as one of our own. No matter the cost, if we can save a dog who we believe can have a good quality of life, we do whatever we have to for that dog. We took our boy for a second opinion and our biggest fears were confirmed, the surgery was vital for Anton to live. Heart surgery is frightening and we were all concerned that he may not survive the operation.  When the day for the operation came, we silently prayed and trusted the amazing medical team at Tufts. All our prayers were answered. We got our miracle! Anton made it through the delicate surgery. He has been released from the hospital and is resting comfortably with his foster family who has given him so much loving care.

If you would like to help us with the cost of Anton’s heart surgery, click the button below to make your tax free donation. You do not need a PayPal account to donate.  At the “Review Your Donation” page, please enter ANTON in the box that asks “What is your donation for?”





Adopted on 08/02/2014


Shadow is a 7-year-old Sable female GSD who had a loving family, including children. When the family lost their home, they moved in withShadow-7955-O relatives who had no room for Shadow. A friend tried taking her, but the dog in that home resented her and made her life miserable; so the owner contacted GSRNE. We were grateful that we had a foster home available for this sweet girl.

There are not a lot of people willing to step up for a dog who is no longer a youngster; but those who do, tell us that it’s one of the best things they’ve ever done. That’s certainly what we’re hearing from Shadow’s adopters! When they had applied to adopt a rescue GSD, they had a female Chocolate Lab who was 6 or 7 years old, and they were hoping to find a male who would enjoy being part of their family and not be too pushy with their girl. Sadly, their dog was diagnosed with cancer and died before we had the right male for them to adopt.

When we told them about Shadow, they wanted to meet her…and she seemed to choose them on the spot. She loves having her neck rubbed and quickly let Bill (her new Dad) know that a neck massage was very much appreciated; she taps him with her paw when she wants him to “do it again, please.” She loves going for walks, playing with her new toys and just being with Cheryl and Bill. Their son visits, with his dog, Coco; and their daughter brings her rescue dog, Oakley, and Shadow enjoys the romps with other canines; but she loves the quiet aftermath, when it’s just her with her forever family.

Shadow is now GSRNE # 394!


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