GSRNE #354
3/7/2006 – 11/2015  

Ringo #354 has crossed the Bridge. Ringo was adopted in August 2012, when he was six years old. Ringo was a challenging dog, and his adoptive family worked with a trainer and stepped up their leadership. Their hard work paid off, and eventually he became the pack member he was meant to be. Last year Ringo began developing health problems, and his family did everything possible to help him cope. Ringo was beloved by his family, and he is sorely missed. Rest in peace, old boy.


(Ringo’s original adoption profile, with more photos:  http://gsrne.org/dog-bios/ringo-354/)

GSRNE #352
12/19/2007 – 9/20/2015  

With heavy hearts we are sad to tell you that Buster #352 has passed away. He was diagnosed in late August with cancer (Hemangiosarcoma). The diagnosis hit us very hard– he had not shown any signs of being sick until the very day we brought him in because of breathing issues. It was discovered he had a large mass attached to his heart. They drained the fluids out of his chest cavity and we were able to bring him home for a short time. They told us we only had around a few weeks to spend with him. 5 weeks later he passed away.

During this time, we spent all our time with him– doing things Buster-style. His last few weeks were no different than the 3 short years he spent with us: they were filled with love and affection, in both directions. He was by far the best boy ever– handsome, intelligent, strong-willed, and devoted. He had a wonderful relationship with his house mate Elsa (now 12), helping her through her recent hearing and vision loss. He and Bob were inseparable, but he was a momma’s boy too.

Buster had a routine that would start at 5am and would go until late in the evening. Like a child who just couldn’t go to sleep (afraid what they would miss), he would finally give in to his exhaustion, often times falling asleep with his toy under his neck.

Bob and I were there for him in the end as he was there for us every day he stayed with us. We will miss him.

Buster #352, affectionately known as “Right Turn Buster;” born Dec 19th 2007, died Sept 20th 2015.

Bob & Lisa F.



(Buster’s original adoption profile, with more photos:  http://gsrne.org/dog-bios/buster-352/)

GSRNE #397
4/17/2004 – 10/13/2015  

GSRNE is sad to announce that Diamond (#397) crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Diamond came into our rescue several years ago as a senior dog. Her owner died, and the owner’s daughter was trying to find homes for his five dogs. The younger ones were chosen, the daughter kept one older dog who had cancer, and Diamond was still waiting as the date for the sale of the house arrived. She contacted GSRNE for help.

Fortunately, we had a foster Mom, Sandy B., who had a special place in her heart for older dogs. She made room in her life and home for Diamond. She moved in with Wendy M. and her family when Sandy became ill. Her new family (humans and dogs alike) loved their “Dimey,” who became part of their pack officially. Diamond had her own special ottoman and was well loved– their Dimey was special. We are so grateful for the wonderful loving years Dimey enjoyed. We all share the loss, and send our sympathy to all of those who knew her and her family.


(Diamond’s original adoption profile, with more photos:  http://gsrne.org/dog-bios/diamond/)


Misha – A New Mom

We had a very busy summer at GSRNE!

In June, we were contacted by an ACO about a young mother GSD named Misha, a little over a year old, and her seven pups, who were two weeks old. They had been left at the shelter when the pups were just a week old, and the ACO was hoping we would have a foster home who could take in the mother and pups so we could find each one a loving adopter once they turned eight weeks old. It took us two weeks to find the right person, but one of our long term members stepped up to take on the job.

The pups were four weeks old at this time and were learning to eat “mush” so they could be weaned. They all had loose stools and were found to have roundworm and Giardia, so it required a whole team of volunteers to give them the care they needed. Misha was a very protective mother but quickly accepted help from her foster Mom, who would take her outside for potty breaks multiple times a day. After the first week, Misha was enjoying some play time in the fenced yard and going for walks and was no longer so worried about her pups. 

In the meantime, the pups were having a great time with the volunteers who took them out for play sessions after cleaning up and changing the newspapers in their crates and play room. They went to the vet for their first puppy shots and for stool checks and had a second round of treatment for the Giardia. In order to keep the pups straight, each was given a name beginning with the letter “M” in honor of their Mom. There are three very special boys: Moose, Monkey and max.

And there are four adorable females: Misty, Morgan, Miley and Magic. 

By the time they were six weeks old, Misha seemed to think her job was done and didn’t really want the puppies bothering her any longer. She was content to watch them from the safety of her crate and preferred to be outside with people when it was her turn for time in the yard. The puppies still looked for some mothering, though, and that was when the foster Mom’s rescue Chihuahua stepped in. She seemed to delight in watching over the pups when they were playing in the yard and would step in to settle squabbles if things were getting too rough. It was amazing to see her trotting along with the seven little German Shepherds following behind her…each one already bigger than she is.

Finding homes for the pups was not a problem because we had applicants who had been approved to adopt and were just waiting for a puppy or young dog. We don’t often get in puppies this young, so some people had been waiting for a year or more. Within a week of turning eight weeks old, all of the pups had gone home with their adopters. Misha is being given time to adjust to no longer having the responsibilities of motherhood, and we’re getting to know her better so we’ll be able to find the best home for her too.


Update on 07/22/2015:

This is what Shayne’s parent had to say about her- “I was a bit surprised when I picked her up (she looked great after a bath and nails Shayne-0416clipped) when she placed  both  front paws on my shoulders and licked my face.  She now has the entire kitchen area available when I have to leave her home and the jolly ball continues to see a lot of action. “


After spending most of her first year and a half living in a crate, Shayne found her way into our rescue and was adopted by a GSRNE member, Craig, and his male German Shepherd, Danilo.  Instead of being crated and alone, Shayne got used to going to work with Craig and Danilo, lounging in the office and going for walks outside.  Life was good, and the only evidence of all those months in a too-small crate was that her ears are tipped back at the top.

Shayne-0492Sadly, Craig died in February; and Shayne and Danilo needed GSRNE’s help to find them new forever homes.  They are each doing well in their foster homes, and Shayne has started showing us just how affectionate and playful she can be.

She loves to go for walks and gets excited as soon as she sees her leash; but for all her excitement, she walks along nicely and doesn’t pull.  Shayne loves meeting people and has been taught to wait on her bed when visitors arrive at the house.  Once everyone is inside, Shayne will get up and greet them politely after being told it’s OK.

Shayne’s favorite toy is her Jolly Ball, and she loves to chase after it, trap it with her front paws and then carry it around by the handle.  If the weather is bad outside, she enjoys fetching a tennis ball or toy that is thrown down the hallway for her.  She’ll stop and tilt her head when you talk to her or do something that shows she’s curious about what will happen next.  When you’re in the mood to sit and relax, Shayne is content to keep you company, stretch out and take a snooze.  She really wants to be with her special person, and we want to find her a home where she’ll be included in daily activities as well as leisure time.

Update on 09/02/2015:

Max and his buddies

Max and his buddies

Max goes to his Mom’s work place with his four-legged buddy, Brownie, on Thursdays and usually the 2 other dogs (besides the french bulldog) are there for them to play with.  He is still about 70 lbs.  He hasn’t gained much since after he has gone to his forever home because he is so active that anything he eats he burns off.


Max has a social personality and an energetic and happy disposition; but when he first arrived in his foster home, he seemed to be lost.  He had been boarded for two months by his previous owner, who traveled frequently and didn’t really have time for a dog.  Fortunately, he decided to take Max to a reputable shelter to give him a chance for a better life.  The ACO contacted a GSRNE volunteer who was able to meet and evaluate Max and who urged us to move him to a foster home asap.  It took him a few days to get used to living in a home again, and he needed frequent trips outside to remind him where the “potty” was, but Max soon made the adjustment.

According to his foster family, Max just wants to please and loves being near you. He enjoys playing with the 30-pound female Hound/mix in the home, and he’s learned not to chase the two cats; they don’t want anything to do with either dog.

On occasion, Max goes to a doggie daycare, and he loves to run around with the other dogs there.  He also enjoys the snow and doesn’t mind the cold weather; he’ll go out and race around or jump the snow drifts, just having fun.  His adopter will have to make sure he gets enough daily exercise, so he’ll be able to relax and just hang out in the evenings.  He also needs ongoing training and will enjoy going with you to regular obedience classes and, eventually, doing fun things like Agility, Nose Work and other activities that provide mental and physical activity.

The GSRNE 2016 Calendar is here and it is beyond beautiful! You can order this very special anniversary calendar now before they are gone.


 Our 2016 Calendar – Celebrating 20 Years



The 2016 GSRNE Calendar  

2016 is a very special year for GSRNE. We are celebrating 20 years of helping GSDs. In that time we have had the joy of meeting so many wonderful dogs, devoted foster parents and loving adopters. Please join us in marking this special milestone by purchasing our beautiful calendar. It is filled with GORGEOUS shots of our GSRNE dogs! 

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Update on 06/07/2015

Koda has settled right in here with his “sister” Morgan and myself. We walk daily in the park, play ball in the afternoons   He loves to go on little road trips.  He has gained some weight. Koda was recently diagnosed with Metatarsal fistula of both back feet, an uncommon disorder,  he has been on antibiotics and Vit E.  Thankfully, it seems to be under control at this time..  It doesn’t interfere with his playful personality.  He is full of energy and seems happy.
Again, thank you for thinking and including us in the GSRNE family


Adopted on 02/07/2015


This handsome 3-year-old was in a loving home with an older male GSD, two cats and a girl who was his special person. The older dog died last year at age 12, the girl went off to college, and her father felt that Koda needed a home where he could get more attention. Our evaluator noticed that Koda was looking around for “his” cats during the whole visit and seemed more comfortable when they were nearby.Koda
The move to a foster home was confusing for Koda, but his adjustment was made easier by the 8-year-old female GSD who accepted him into the home with a minimum of fuss. They have become good friends, and he loves having his foster Mom, who is retired, home most of the time. They go for long walks in a park almost every day, and there are play sessions in the fenced yard several times a day.
Koda is very good with his foster sister; he can be reactive when seeing others dogs, but he has learned to sit on command and wait for the other dog to pass by. He is unsure when he first meets a new person and will bark but quickly calms down and then is ready to make friends.
He loves affection, and his foster Mom says he’s fun to play with, clever with his toys and knows how to engage you for play. After a good game of fetch in the afternoon, he’s happy to hang out and relax after supper and play with inside toys before bedtime. If you would like an active companion who will enjoy learning new things, having fun and just being with you, please ask us about Koda.

Update on 08/05/2015:

Guess who graduatTucker obedience certificateed from Basic Obedience School last night? Tucker!!!!

His parents are very proud of him. They said that he did a great job and he will be starting the intermediate class next week. Wish you all the best, Tucker !!!!




Adopted on 07/27/2015


Tucker is a one-year-old male who lived with someone who ran a child daycare business at her home, so he grew upTucker - GSRNE-503 around babies, toddlers, another dog and a cat.  His owner didn’t take him out much, so he’s a bit timid when first meeting someone.  Once he has a chance to warm up, though, he enjoys making new friends, human and canine.

In his foster home, Tucker lives with a 2-year-old male German Shepherd, a 3-year old female Beagle, and two cats, who he likes to chase.  He loves being outdoors and frequently plays with his foster brother, Baron.  They play chase games and tug-of-war, and Tucker enjoys playing fetch but will tease you when he brings the ball back.  He loves attention and affection and will curl up at his foster Dad’s feet after a good play session.

Tucker - GSRNE-30He also enjoys going for walks or rides in the car.  A favorite destination is the nearby soft-serve ice cream place, where he gets a dog-sized serving of ice cream in a bowl with a dog biscuit on top.

Tucker is still learning good manners and will definitely need to attend an obedience class with his new person.  He is fed in his crate and will spend short periods of time in there when necessary; but his foster Dad is usually home, so he has not been crated for very long at a time.  He has a lot of energy and needs a home where he’ll have a playmate, walks, training and lots of love.


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